Beauties, meet the Wow Beauty and Wellbeing Experts!

As you know we are positively obsessed with offering a holistic approach to beauty…you know where we look at ourselves as a whole, not just in parts, as we truly believe that in order to be our best selves we have to take a 360 degree view of ourselves.
We are also obsessed with empowering you by providing expert information enabling you to make informed decisions in regards to your beauty and wellbeing based on fact not fiction.
Our experts are qualified leaders in their fields and have been handpicked because I’ve experienced their expertise firsthand.
Whatever you need to know about Beauty and wellbeing just ask a Wow Beauty Expert here:

Beauty is more than skin deep

nadira pic

Nadira V Persaud

Nadira V Persaud is a highly sought after Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert recognised for her distinct signature style and vision. Since training at the London College of Fashion in the early 90’s, Nadira tenaciously forged a varied career set on harmonising her creative and business strengths.

In recent years, Nadira’s colourful career has evolved to include teaching, presenting and consulting in the UK, Middle East and Asia and with her intuitive approach to beauty and wellbeing, new roles as Brand Ambassador to a number of global cosmetics brands have been remarkably met. In addition, Nadira holds a position as a Makeup Advisor for a UK charity supporting and empowering lives of burns and scars survivors.

Nadira’s philosophy is about enhancing natural beauty whilst focusing on lifestyle, to strike a balance between looking and feeling good.

Sandra Greenbank

Sandra is a registered nutritional therapist (FDSC, DIP ION, MBANT, MIFM) with 9 years experience working as a nutritional therapist across the UK.

Sandra was a panellist at our ‘It’s All About Skin’ event, she’s written features for our website about nutrition and Gut Health and is also featured on our YouTube channel.

She specialises in fertility and women’s health with her evidence-based, realistic approach. Her personalised fertility private consultations are highly sought after.

Visit Sandra’s website here

michelle roques oneil

Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil is the founder of ‘Roques ONeil Therapie’ and Vice Chair of the international federation of Aromatherapists. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Michelle has pioneered innovative treatments and developed acclaimed products.

What Michelle does is pure alchemy and we’re delighted to share her in our ‘Wow Beauty Recommends’ series. She works pure magic and we wholeheartedly recommend not only her services as an aromatherapist but also her products from her brand Therapie Roques O’Neil.

Michelle is a leading aromatherapist with over 30 years experience, but more than that she is a gifted healer. These are good descriptors but in truth, it is difficult to find the right words to describe Michelle …because for me and many that have experienced her treatments, she is pure alchemy. Michelle is one of those healers whose very presence creates a sense of reassurance and calm.

Find out more about Michelle and her products here

Dr Britt Cordi

Dr Britt is the founder of Britt’s Superfoods which harnesses the wellness benefits of freshly pressed wheatgrass juice. She has a PhD in molecular biology and nature conservation and believes strongly in growing things organically outdoors to reach their optimum nutritional value and healing potential.

Her vision is to give people the confidence to take control of their own well-being. She has travelled the globe delivering inspirational wellness presentations and helping people to improve their health.

Dr Britt is also a passionate nature conservationist.

Find out more about Dr Britt and her brand here