On Friday 25th January, we hosted the ‘Your Wellbeing is Your Superpower’ event at the Soho Hotel. This event was focused on wellbeing, with a host of wellbeing experts. Of course, everything from the event itself to the goody bag stayed true to this ethos and the goody bag is a wellbeing toolkit in its own right. So we thought we’d share with you what we featured in our goody bag… check it out!

Kiss The Moon: LOVE After Dark Face Oil & Calm Balm

The amazing founder of Kiss The Moon Jo Foster was also a panellist at the event so we’re so pleased that she also gifted items from her sleep-promoting brand to include in the goody bag. This included a gorgeous face oil, which is deliciously rose, along with a ‘calm balm’ which is something you can use on your temples or pulse points to soothe you.

Buy the balm for £16 from Kiss the Moon 

Buy the LOVE After Dark Face oil for £48 from Kiss the Moon

Get More Vits: Multi-Vitamin Gum and Still Water Drink

If you find yourself getting bored of drinking plain water then these hydrating ‘RECOVERY’ drinks from Get more vits might be a great choice. These are jam-packed with electrolytes like magnesium and potassium as well as those crucial B vitamins and there is a choice of flavours. There is also a kids range of vitamin drinks to choose from. Also…  did you ever think that you could get healthy while chewing gum? Well, this chewing gum offers 25% of the daily requirement of 10 different vitamins and it comes in spearmint and peppermint flavours. Love it!

Buy the drink for £1.20 from Tesco

Buy the Gum for £1.50 from Tesco

Virtue Drinks: Sparkling Energy Water 

Thirsty? This energy water contains nothing artificial, with natural caffeine and vitamins. So those of you craving some fizz but don’t want all that sugar, this is a great, healthier alternative.

Buy the drink for £1.49 from Holland and Barrett

Renew Life: Fibre Smart Food Supplements Powder and Capsules

We’re always hearing about the need to increase the amount of fibre in our diet….and yet so many of us fall short in this regard; these supplements from ReNew life make it easy, as they come in tablet and powder format, so if you’re not keen on tablets, you can add the powdered version  fibre to your cereal or smoothie.

Tula: Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream

Tula is a fabulous probiotic range and sadly their supplements aren’t available in the UK yet, but their skincare also utilises the benefits of probiotics. A gorgeous brand and they’ve included a wonderfully hydrating face cream in the bag.

Check out Tula’s range on Beauty Bay

Inner Senses: Tranquil Body Oil 

A deeply relaxing blend of Neroli, Lavender, Petitgrain & Mandarin essential oils, this beautiful body oil will soothe your soul without being overpowering. Inner Senses have beautiful, high-quality oils and it’s a real treat to have this in the goody bag.

Buy the Inner Senses oil for £24 from Inner Senses

Real African Food: Love Chin Chin Cinnamon 

This is a family run business passionate about sharing delicious West African-inspired foods… love these crunchy bites! Ask any lover of Nigerian food about Chin Chin and they’ll tell you about this yummy biscuit-like snack! Traditionally it’s made from flour, butter and milk and sugar, but Love Chin Chin, mindful of our desire for healthier snacks, have made theirs dairy free and suitable for vegetarians. Plus they offer a range of yum flavours.

Urban Veda: Face Wash

Love this ayurvedic brand! They have a wonderful range of beauty and face products based on principles of Ayurveda are associated with ‘doshas’. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies within the mind and body. There were 3 different items that guests could have received in the bags. Love it! Urban Veda was also at the event itself so people could interact and try the fabulous range.

Steenbergs: Loose Leaf Tea

Guests have a selection of different teas in their goody bags – from more relaxing ones, to energising and soothing… a wonderful variation of high-quality teas. These are biodegradable bags – so if you received one, make sure to use it in the next month before you’re left with a mess!


A huge thank you to the brands who contributed to the goody bag and made it so amazing!

(*PR gift/sample)