WOW! 3107London A Launch Less Ordinary 💜

A launch less ordinary is the best way for me to describe the charming launch brunch that I attended on Saturday March 12th. This memorable launch was for the soon to achieve ‘cult status’ brand 3107 London. created by dynamic facialist Dija Ayodele. Okay so you’re wondering this was a launch less ordinary, after all as you can imagine, product launches take place all of the time and I attend my fair share…so let me explain…

Being invited to an intimate brunch on a Saturday morning, was a lovely way to experience a product launch, and felt like a lovely ‘me time’ treat. Now let’s be honest, many of us struggle to get up and out of the house on a Saturday morning, especially after what has probably been a hectic week and for me that meant needing to take a reviving Aromatherapy bath to help me to look and feel human. Once I arrived at the brunch, literally from the moment I stepped into the space I felt soothed and relaxed, everything was so beautifully presented and it was clear that this launch had been prepared with love. There were flowers everywhere and when you looked closely at the 3107 branding you could see that the flowers used to decorate the space were chosen to compliment the branding….love that!














Dija and her team were so warm and welcoming that every guest felt like a VIP and of course it was a pleasure to share this experience with so many fabulous women in business, all passionate about supporting eachother.

The table settings were so pretty that you really didn’t want to ruin them by moving anything and we all had bespoke place settings with our names and gift bags waiting for us. There were charming little tables dotted around where you could try the products out at your leisure…these products are made from organic botanical oils, which means that they smell so pure and therapeutic.





















And then there was brunch…..




















It was wonderful to witness first hand the love that Dija has for her products, the journey that has led her to this place proves that each product has come from her heart and the names really do illustrate this…. for example the beautifully named ‘My Everything’ oil was named because it became Dija’s ‘Everything’ when she formulated it to deal with a major skin flare up! The Cleansing Balm is aptly named ‘Heart and Soul’  because as Dija says ‘Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse has to be one of the pillars of your skincare routine’….the ‘Heart and Soul’. We will of course be reviewing these products in the Spring so watch this space.

This really was a wonderful way to celebrate Women’s History Month, in the company of phenomenal women supporting each other!♥
















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