Zoe tell us about who you are and what you do…

I am Head of Make-up Artistry and Social Media Manager for Crownbrush UK, but I also do a lot of freelance make-up, predominantly bridal work whilst running my own beauty blog.

Why are you so interested in the beauty industry?

It is forever changing – new products, new trends, new technology – there is always something to gain knowledge from, I am always learning and with that I do not get bored. It fascinates me. The beauty industry can empower women when used correctly, and I just love that.

If you were told that you could only have 4 beauty products to use for a month what would they be?

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow, Lancome Hypnose Volume A Porter mascara, Antipodes Juliet Cleanser and Darphin Hydraskin serum.

WOW beauty has several mantras, which one best demonstrates how you feel about beauty and why?
The #wowbeauty mantras;

#beautyisdiverse this one definitely speaks volumes to me, as beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and is more than an extension of your make-up bag. Beauty comes from within. True beauty is confidence, and being fearless, and being healthy. It is all of these things. We are fed so many concepts from the media of what is and is not beautiful – how can we ever really say what is? You cannot put beauty in a box and label it.

We all love social media and it can be a really positive: but what do you think about the impact that selfies, comments, likes etc….are having on young people’s self esteem?

I think social media is absolutely wonderful, but very dangerous and damaging. It has opened up a world of bullying that is still so misunderstood. I think the important thing is to encourage young people to have self belief and empower the love they have for themselves, and in doing this, the negative comments will no longer have so much impact. It is so easy to compare yourself to others and listen to the awful comments, and really let it effect you. Young people definitely need a thicker skin these days. It is very upsetting.

What has been one of your favourite beauty advertising campaigns in recent months and why?

I really love the beauty campaigns Dove come up with! The Real Beauty campaign where women had to go through a certain door – beautiful or average – may have annoyed a lot of people, but actually the very basics, the principal of it really was eye opening. Dove do great things in trying to empower women and I love that.

Your favourite make up look from LFW SS16…?

Totally biased as I worked on the show but the Sophia Webster mermaid inspired make-up was beautiful. Just a touch of glitter and strobed skin – it looked great.

We have a section on WOW Beauty called ‘What mama told me’ do you have any beauty tips that your mama has shared with you?

Mum always told me to put cold tea bags on my eyes if I was ever tired and looking puffy – and to always use body moisturizer! I always forget to moisturize and it does make such a difference.

We also have a section called ‘My beauty journey’. Have you always been a confidant woman?

I wouldn’t say I am confident at all. I have definitely grown though. I used to be very insecure, and very shy and would always be too frightened to say boo to a goose. Now, I am no longer insecure, and feel much more comfortable meeting new people. I still have a long way to go before I could happily say I am confident.

Have you ever had an embarrassing or awkward beauty moment?

*Touches wood* Not really! I did have a very awful experience with an epilator once, and also an at home electric waxing kit… I should just stick to razors.

What charities / causes are close to your heart and why?

My own family charity, Newlove Warrington. I lost my Dad in 2007 and my mum, my sisters and I set up a charity to help raise money to champion against antisocial behaviour and to encourage community spirit. My mum is now the Victims Commissioner for the UK & Wales and works so hard to help change the way victims are treated. She is a real inspiration to me.

What do you do to relax and unwind?

I like to read and I love a good bath. I recently have gotten into running too, which oddly really helps me to unwind.

Zoe please Finish this sentence …WOW beauty believes that beauty starts on the inside…..
learn to love yourself from the inside out, not the other way around.

Thank you Zoe!