Here’s our brand new Founders Talk interview with co-founder of the gorgeous Greek Skincare brand, Korres

What are your three top power beauty products?

The Allure-awarded Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Bi-Phase Booster is currently my go-to product; infused with 15% Super Vitamin C, this is the ultimate treatment for a glowing, spotless, luminous skin! You will see the difference in the mirror in just 1 week!

I would have to single out the Super Eye Serum from our Black Pine 3D collection; it visibly lifts the upper eyelids, reversing fatigue. It firms the entire eye zone, reduces sagging, the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. A Super Eye Serum for an instantly super lifted, rejuvenated look!

As I spend so much time on planes, I never board without the H2Rose Hydrating Face Mist; this is the newest addition to our iconic collection. It smells heavenly, it hydrates and refreshes my skin that glows no matter the flight hours!

I would imagine with your busy schedule a beauty regime would be limited, what tips would you give?

 Cleanse, hydrate, protect, repeat! Cleansing, deep hydration and suncare are the basis for a healthy-looking and feeling complexion no matter the skin type or age; thus I religiously follow this beauty rule year-round, opting for the textures that best suit my skin depending on the season. For the times I don’t have the time for a multi-step beauty routine, my go-to product is Red Grape Sunscreen; a new generation of anti-ageing and antispot suncare, this is skin’s ultimate year-round shield against photo-ageing.

 Korres are always researching into the optimal use of natural ingredients: why does this research continue to matter to you?

We will keep focusing on Greek herbs, on science, on innovation, staying loyal to our values; we will keep challenging ourselves to offer the most advanced skincare solutions that will still inspire and make people happy!

When you first started your brand, the natural skincare market was pretty small-currently every day sees a new natural skincare launch: what do you think continues to make Korres stand out?

I always try to narrow down what it is that makes the brand unique and I find that it is the balance between our core principles; natural ingredients; skin- and environment-friendly products; clinically-tested efficacy; affordable and of interesting aesthetics –  principles that remain the same as in our early pharmacy days. We know herbs inside out given our pharmacy heritage, we are obsessed with research, safety and quality, we are transparent, authentic, passionate; these elements make up the KORRES beauty experience.

At Wow Beauty we believe we are at our most beautiful when mind, body and spirit are aligned…what is the Korres philosophy on beauty?

It’s all about clean beauty teamed with product efficacy and a great product experience. A collection bringing together science and research with nature; this is our mission as a natural pharmacy brand and my personal goal as product innovator!

What are your Korres ‘must haves’?

 I am a true beauty product lover. My bathroom cabinet is full of new samples from our laboratory, KORRES favourites and also new products from other beauty brands as I need to try everything personally!  My favourite category is skin care and I have products I cannot leave without like our Black Pine 3D Active Oil, an ultra-concentrated silky active oil for 3D sculpting, intensive firming and nourishing, and the Black Pine 3D Super Eye Serum that can be applied on the upper eyelids as well for an instantly super lifted, rejuvenated look, with no signs of fatigue! The Allure-awarded Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Bi-phase booster is, also, a product I swear by; with 15% Super Vitamin C and 10% wild rose oil -that is 25% brightening power! – plus potent antispot actives, this is the ultimate treatment for a glowing, spotless, luminous skin!

 I also never leave the house without the new H2Rose Hydrating Face Mist; my new beauty gadget! It refreshes, it sets make-up, it moisturizes. Fits into any step in my skincare routine to boost hydration and I use it around-the-clock for a moisturized, luminous skin. It’s free of silicones and synthetic fragrance, full of beneficial naturals and with an amazing scent!