We’re excited to be sharing a brand new ‘Founders Talk’ feature. This is where we learn a bit more about founders and the inspiration behind their brand, their wellness secrets, personal stories and more! Here Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated’s shares her Wellness Secrets. 

What is in your wellbeing toolkit?

It has to be sleep, yoga and mindfulness. Everyone thinks that I’m super chilled but I wouldn’t be without this health-giving trio.

Wellbeing is a work in progress, so what would you consider to be your biggest wellbeing challenges? 

Definitely working too long sat in front of my computer. Sometimes, I’m surprised that I manage to straighten up afterwards.

Tell us about a change that you’ve made to your lifestyle that’s improved your wellbeing. 

We lost our beloved Labrador last summer and were so heartbroken that we didn’t know if we would have another one.  We still miss him now but 6 months after losing Alfie we brought home a very mischievous Lab called Charlie.

Every day we spend an hour walking him on the moors. It’s amazing for stress relief and fitness at the same time.

Tell us what your favourite products are from your Rejuvenated range and why?

This is unfair, I love every product to bits.  They’ve all been created for specific needs and work together like a dream team. I’m going to cheat here and say the Radiant skin pack as it includes Collagen Shots with H3O Hydration and H3O Night Repair.

They work synergistically to boost the skin from the inside and outside too as they support the skins natural moisture factor.

Find out more about Kathryn’s brand Rejuvenated on her website.