1-Susie please share your daily wellness routine with us

When I wake up, I start my routine with the Hayou Method (hayoumethod.com), which is a Breathing, Smiling and Stimulating routine to get the energies flowing.  I then have a banana, a cup of filtered coffee and wait fifteen minutes for my breakfast, usually organic yoghurt, berries, flax seed mix and nuts. Next I take my dogs out for a brisk walk before settling down to work. Usually if at home, I try and finish at about 12:30 and leave the computer, where I take the dogs for another brisk walk, have some lunch, usually a big salad, and then back to work.  I get up every hour and stretch and drink water no matter what.

At 6pm I meditate for 20 minutes every day which I have been doing for over 20-years. I do it no matter where I am, just find a quiet place or sometimes in the middle of a busy office, even on a train.  Three to four times a week I either go to a gym or workout in my own little Pilates Studio at home, where I do a combination of weights, pilates and foam roller exercises and of course stretching.  I prefer to do it after I meditate in the early evening, some people prefer the mornings, before they start work. I try and have either acupuncture or a massage once a week if I can.  I find it more important then buying clothes or shoes (and I love clothes and shoes).

I eat clean and am a vegetarian, I occasionally have fish and cheese when my body tells me I need it. I also try not to drink any alcohol during the week unless it’s a small glass of wine socially. It just contains too much sugar, and I limit myself on weekends too, to perhaps one or two glasses. I also try and leave at least 12 hours from the time I eat at night till the time I eat in the morning.  It’s great for your digestion and metabolism, a sort of mini fast.

2What are your ‘must have’ beauty/makeup/Welllbeing products and why?

The most important beauty ‘must-have’ is a smile and a positive attitude, it takes years off you! Then it’s a good cleanser and I use Cosmetics 27 cleanser because it contains bamboo that gently exfoliates (which is so important). I am in Love with Sunday Riley products at the moment and use Their Luna Sleeping Night Oil in the evening and their Good Genes Cream in the morning.  I always use a sunscreen on my face, neck, décolleté and hands no matter what the weather and use La Roche Posay.  I also use RevitaLash advanced every morning and night which makes your eyelashes grow like mad.  For makeup a good mascara is a must and I use Charlotte Tilbury’s range.  When I wear foundation I love Zelens Youth Glow and I use a bit of RMS Living Luminizer and RMS Lip2Cheek as a blusher and lip gloss. My wellbeing product is the YOUTH supplement by my company Beautyworkswest because it really works and is a good Omega Three Fish Oil.  I use Udo’s choice for Fish Oil.

3-As a stress management guru, how do you manage stress/relax?

Stress makes you old, tired, fat and miserable, so I meditate every day, walk briskly and exercise three to four times a week (which I find relaxing).  I also use acupuncture and massage to relax. Lots of sex, and orgasms are a must, it’s the best stress reliever ever and makes you look younger and feel healthier.  Clinical studies have proved it and that’s why we devoted a whole chapter to it in our book ‘Your Hormone Doctor’.

4Susie you are renowned for your beauty and positive ageing expertise; what are you top 3 positive ageing tips?

  1. Find Your Happy and Smile AND control your stress
  2. Eat Clean and Healthy and avoid ‘white’ ie. sugar, salt, flour etc.
  3. Exercise is non negotiable (sex is exercise), keep moving.

 5-Your best-selling book ‘Your Hormone Doctor’ highlights that hormones affect us at every age – why are hormones important enough to write a book about?

Your Hormones influence everything at any age from your mood, to your concentration, how well you sleep, the size of your waistline and how young you look and feel. I wanted woman (and men) to start taking control of their hormones and be armed with the facts they need to quit ‘Hor-moaning’.

6-You launched your powerful range of nutritional supplements ‘Youth’ which you are currently planning to expand: what’s the motivation behind this range?

You eat organic. You meditate and exercise every day. You shun sugar, say no to salt, sleep plenty, and never have a cocktail or three with friends. Your skin is glowing; your sex life is purring; you always feel young. Is this you? Oh come on, is it anyone?

As we get older, the body experiences two major shifts: hormones begin to change and the ability to absorb nutrients decreases. But even if you’re loading up on berries and greens to make up for it, you still may not be getting all the good stuff you need. Modern fertilizers deplete soil of essential minerals and nutrients, meaning that perfectly lovely apple isn’t as good for you as it once was. With poor nutrient absorption, stressful schedules, and naturally fluctuating hormones, it’s no wonder that we start to feel more run down with each year.

That’s why we developed BeautyWorksWest supplements which are formulated with the most advanced and researched bio active natural ingredients to nourish the body.  Our aim was to give you the glowing look and the energetic feeling of radiant health from the inside out. I believe that feeling good and looking great starts with what you put in your body.

7-Did you always want to be a beauty Entrepreneur or did it happen by default?

By default, really. I started doing Pilates and got into nutrition when I was stressed out and getting back problems and lots of colds whilst working 24/7 in the music business.  I found the Pilates so relaxing and strengthening and changed my diet too after advice from a nutritionist.  I started to feel and look a lot better and then took up meditation. I was on a rare holiday with a girlfriend in Thailand who was also in the music business and they had an amazing spa and Pilates studio and we both had an epiphany and decided to change our lives and open a Pilates Studio.

It was the 90’s and Pilates was very rare in the UK. So I went back to school and studied Physiology and Anatomy, did nutrition courses and studied Pilates for two years to become qualified and opened Bodyworkswest one of the first Pilates Studios in Notting Hill Gate.  I then went on to open one of the first Medi-Spas in the UK and whilst working with Dr. Daniel Sister we decided to start our own range of supplements to address the needs of our clients., I then started writing books and blogging to help inspire men and women of all ages to make good healthy choices.

8-Do you have a favourite fragrance?

I don’t use perfume a lot, but like to use different body creams that smell of vanilla and orange and citrus scents.

9-Who inspires you and why?

I find as I get older I am inspired by smart, older women who still work and motivate others who get the best out of life.

10What is your favourite saying/quote?

‘Take control of your Life’ and adopt a positive attitude.Your chronological age has never mattered less. You can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Thank you Susie