Hello, Beautiful,
This is where Beauty and Wellbeing align to empower you. Real beauty is about the whole you… inner and outer you.
‘My Beauty Journey’ is about women empowering women to ‘own their beauty’ by sharing their journey. It is very rare to find a woman of any age who hasn’t struggled with some aspect of this journey and it may be that you’re still in the struggle BUT at Wow Beauty we believe that the struggle is where authenticity lives.
It seems that there always seems to be something we’re unhappy with at points in our lives, and these change and develop over the years. Our sense of ‘self’ evolves as we grow older, as we interact with the world and learn more about ourselves and how we want to be.
This series is a love story to this idea. It’s about people sharing about how they’ve learnt to love themselves, how they’ve become empowered and what empowered them. And we don’t just mean just the physical beauty sense, because owning your sense of self is much more than that. It’s making peace with your mind, with how you are as a person and how you present yourself to the world. Both inner and outer beauty.
This series is for anyone who is struggling, who feels insecure in themselves, to know that not only are they not alone, but they have the power to make a change. To empower people to become their best selves and to not let negative perceptions from the media, from people, change that. By no means is the journey over, but it’s a step on the journey to self-acceptance.
Are you ready to take part in this journey with us?