We felt as though we’d been transported to a Paris salon when we spent a lovely afternoon in the company of Myriam Kone at the very chic and bijoux Mimi et Mina hair salon! Myriam who is charming and her lovely team are very warm and welcoming, so you’re always going to feel relaxed! This is the perfect place for taking a little ‘Me time’.


Mimi et Mina offer a wide variety of hair treatments that are tailored to the needs of the individual, no matter their ethnic origin or hair-type.

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The Salon also has a membership scheme which provides exclusive special promotions and offers as well as invitations to special beauty events! How lovely is that? a chic and bijoux beauty members club, where you can relax in a friendly and supportive feminine atmosphere.

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Well, you probably know by now that I love sharing the stories of dynamic women in business, so here is the latest WOW Woman interview with Myriam Kone.


1- Do you think that how women define their beauty is changing to a more individual approach or are we still being dictated to by the media?

Yes… I believe beauty is not dictated to women by the media anymore. With the presence of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, consumers are loaded with a new kind of knowledge and are empowered to make their own choices about what is good for them. Social media personalities say what they truly think about products, and the customer has the power

2- What are your favourite beauty/makeup products and why?

My foundation Touché Éclat by YSL and my ‘rebel’ lipstick from MAC

3- How do you manage stress/relax?

Managing stress is not that easy! Most of the time I reflect and tell myself that I’ve done well so far and there is no real reason to stress. I take time to think through any decisions and when I arrive home at the end of the day, I switch off. Tomorrow is another day…

4- We have a section on WOW Beauty called ‘What mama told me’ do you have any beauty tips that your mama has shared with you?

Yes! Moisturise every day to ensure your skin is super soft. My mother calls it the ‘velour touch’.

5- We also have a section called ‘My beauty journey’. Have you always been a confidant woman?

Yes, I have always persevered with my vision and believed in myself.

6- Who inspires you and why?

My mother because she is a hard working woman and runs her own catering business.

7- They say that behind every great business there is a story …. what is the story behind MIMI et MINA?

Mimi et Mina is the dream of a little girl from Burkina Faso. I have dreamed of having my own business since the age of 10! That’s why I studied business.

8- I love the inclusive angle to your business ….hair for ‘everywoman’ ….why is that important to you?

Because we are more and more mixed as a society and can travel so easily to discover other countries and cultures. Beauty is multicultural.

9-What is the key message that you want to share with the world via your brand?

That we are all different but we all have a common interest in being beautiful, seductive and sexy.

10-What is the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken that has paid off?

I left my position as a Head of Hospitality to move to the UK without a job on the horizon. After just one year I am running my own business. My dream has come true!

11- what 3 qualities do you have that make you a successful business woman?

Believing in my dream

Working hard

Being myself

12- what is your favourite quote or saying?

La patience est un chemin d’or. In English this means ‘Patience is a golden path’.

Mimi et Mina can be found at http://www.mimietmina.com/