On the 2nd February I was lucky enough to be invited to the Yardley event launching their two brand new fragrances – the Royal Pink Diamond and the English Freesia. What a fabulous event! The venue was lovely, enhanced with accents of flowers to add to the overall theme of the event.

Yardley has been around since 1770 and has held 6 Royal Warrants in its time (meaning it has the royal approval) and has been going from strength to strength with a relaunch targeting a younger demographic. It is inspiring to be at an event with a brand that has such a rich history behind it.

We spent a lovely evening painting our own fragrance bottles – a very fun and unique twist on a launch. Everyone (myself included) felt very nervous when we first started but soon got into the swing of things and everyone made beautiful creations. Most people kept to a very floral theme, fitting with the perfumes themselves and I will certainly treasure the bottle.

The Royal Pink Diamond scent is a fresh twist on their classic Royal Diamond, with more warmth to it. The English Freesia is a wonderful light spring scent, the English Freesia symbolises friendship, thoughtfulness and innocence and I really like that sentiment. They are both lovely, floral fragrances and would be lovely for the day time.

These fragrances are now available to purchase on their website.

Royal Pink Diamond (£19.99)

English Freesia (From £9.99)


Jessica xx