When we think of perfumes, Rose is often one of the popular notes that comes to mind… probably because it has been used in perfumes for hundreds of years!  There are many different varieties of Rose from different regions of the world, one of the more popular roses is the Damask Rose which is known for its intense scent and is native to Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Russia etc.. But the thing is that Rose can be blended with so many other elements that change how we experience it. It can anything from soft and romantic to sensual and seductive.

So what kind of rose are you? Whatever your taste, there is a rose for you.

If you love a full but pure rose you might like …

Une Rose by Frederic Malle – this gorgeous perfume is classic and modern at the same time …she is bold  and knows who she is. It is rose blended with truffle, musk, fruit and wood. If you’re a rose lover you’ll love this. This rose will carry you from dusk to dawn.

Buy it from Harrods for £160

If you love a darker, moodier rose you might like …

Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun – In this lush fragrance rose is blended with oud with undercurrents of warm spice and leather. This is a unique fragrance…velvety and intense..not for the fainthearted.

Buy it from Selfridges for £111

If you love a feminine sophisticated Rose you might like …

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Maison Kurkdjian A la Rose – This perfume is a sumptuous fusion of two different roses Damascus rose and Turkish rose absolute, as well as orange, violet, musk and cedar and this fusion creates a complex, feminine and grown up scent. The confidence comes from the fact that although A la Rose has numerous notes, she is not overpowering, she is just ‘present’. She manages to be both sensual and fresh at the same time.

Buy it from John Lewis for £160

What’s your favourite rose scent?

Denise xx