Stories Parfumes

Stories Parfumes

There’s something really special about using a product that has a unique story attached to it, especially when that product is a fragrance. We often buy fragrances that have broad appeal but when we look into them there’s not always a lot of heart or much of a story. We spritz and we inhale …we like or love our initial impression and we buy. We walk into a department stores perfume hall and more often than not we are being spritzed left, right and centre resulting in olfactory overload.

There’s also the issue of so many perfumes smelling the same or similar but fortunately, over the last few years there has been a definite increase in parfumiers who are creating fragrances with a unique point of view, and a definite story behind them, which gives us something to engage with and makes our use of perfume more personal.

One such brand is STORIES Parfums, a brand founded by Tonya Kidd-Beggs in 2018, while this was a very personal journey for Tonya because she created each fragrance to capture a moment and unlock a memory significant to her, each blend will ultimately evoke something unique to the wearer.stories-perfume-2

Stories No 1

Is a powerful blend of: Bergamot – Grapefruit – Orange Blossom – Cedarwood – Jasmine – Heliotrope – Fig-Tea – Amber – Sandalwood – Vetiver

“Darkness into light”

Stories No 2

is a powerful blend of :Bulgarian Rose – Ginger – Cardamom – Green Tea – Honey Tobacco – Cedarwood –  Opoponax – Tonka Bean – Patchouli – Amber – Musk

Both of these stories are ….powerful, elegant and sophisticated in their own way. Do I have a favourite? No, but only because I choose my fragrance choice for the day based on my mood at that moment. No 1 is citrusy with a lovely woody kick.

No 2 starts off with the green tea, cardamom but soon sensual notes of tonka, amber, tobacco & rose take centre stage.

These are definite fragrances but easy to wear.

They are available in various sizes, and if you like scent layering you’ll be pleased to know that there is a matching body shampoo and lush body lotion.

They have great sillage -for me these fragrances last all day without the need to reapply , in fact the body wash & lotion alone will leave you fragrant enough.

Love that they are gender neutral and made with kindness to our planet.

Buy the perfumes from Stories

(*PR gift/sample)

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