Start 2024 off strong by building a routine from self-care and self-love! As we step into a new year, it’s the perfect time to embrace positive changes to nurture ourselves… inside and out. It’s not about overexerting yourself or creating a huge list of expectations and resolutions… why don’t you try reflecting on last year, on what brought you joy and peace and what you want to achieve in 2024.

Here are five impactful, but manageable habits to uplift your spirit and revitalise your body to help you navigate 2024 feeling stronger than ever.

Create a morning routine

Establish a morning routine that works for you, try setting a consistent time too as this can help keep your circadian rhythm consistent. You’ll feel fresher and more energised and you won’t feel rushed or stressed if you manage your time effectively.

Prioritise sleep

It’s so important to get a good night’s sleep for so many reasons… if you struggle to drop off, make sure to get to bed at a decent time, create your own bespoke evening routine to help you wind down and get you in the mindset to sleep.

Drink your waterwater

Make sure you’re drinking enough water, it’s important for your body and will help with your energy levels too. Try drinking a glass of water before your morning tea/coffee when you first get up. At least 6 to 8 cups a day.

Limit screentime

Charge your phone outside your room to avoid temptation, keep off the phone 1-2 hours before bedtime and try and be more mindful of how much you reach for it during the day. Let’s stop doomscrolling in 2024! You could even try a digital detox to reset your screentime habits.

Spend 15 mins outside every day

Get some fresh air and sunshine every day with a short walk, – perhaps before work, at lunch or after work, this is particularly important if you work from home.  It can give you a moment to breathe, a moment of reflection and time to reset… you could even try meditating. If you’re feeling stressed, this can really help too.walk

Getting regular sunlight will help your body generate the production of vitamin D, supports bone health, lowers blood pressure, prevents disease, and promotes good mental health

Moving your body will not only will it help you feel more energised but it could help you sleep too.

What healthy wellness habits will you be bringing into 2024?