Beauties, what do you do with your veggie leftovers… those bits of carrots and potato skins?

I like to have roast veggies and fresh veggies with my meals, but always feel terrible about the leftovers… it feels like such a waste!

In this piece from Marielle Alix, she talks about saving these bits of leftovers and creating a beautiful healing broth crammed with adaptogens…

This is something I’ll definitely be trying!

Here’s a quote from the piece about why creating a broth is so good for you:

“Broth is a super digestible way of nourishing yourself with antioxydants, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying substances, vitamins and minerals. Adding adaptogens to it is a powerful way to give your renewing your body with vital, natural energy without asking it for huge digestion efforts!”

Marielle speaks in more depth about what Adaptogens can do in your body to help rebalance it beautifully.

Read the full feature here