Are you just too busy being busy to actually be present in your life? The disturbing and ongoing trend, where more and more people are just too busy being busy shows no signs of disappearing any time soon and seems to be developing into a pandemic amongst female entrepreneurs in particular.

We are all multitasking so much that we are, too busy to meet with friends or even call them for a meaningful conversation. We’re too busy to return emails or respond to texts messages. Too busy to enjoy watching a movie or read a book…

Ultimately when we allow ‘too busy’ to become our mantra we become too busy to think or listen to our inner voice and it’s drowned out, becoming a mere whisper. Too busy becomes a form of self sabotage as we fail to see opportunities that have come our way. We miss hearing a cry for help from friends or loved ones. Sadly we can sometimes miss our own cries for help, when we are over stressed and overworked.
Why is it that many of us we need a life changing drama to realise that we’ve neglected making time for our lives? When did work become life? There are so many people who regret not maintaining meaningful relationships; not making the time to develop their interests; not living the life of their dreams. Interestingly we all love the positive affirmations, quotes and mantras…indeed we feel inspired by them, but the question is how much time do we spend practicing what they teach?

We owe it to ourselves to make time, to take time and to manage our time as Golda Meir said “I must govern the clock, not be governed by it”

So, how can you change this? Well, one of the most valuable things that you can do for yourself is to make an appointment yourself every morning. Why? This will allow you to centre yourself before the day starts… This allows you to start your day with purpose and in tune with your inner ‘self’. It can be as simple as using your cleansing and bathing time as mindfulness time.

I always have a series of ‘ to do’ lists running and there are times when they seem to be running me! I’m constantly reminding myself that these lists are a tool to support my life and that I’m not a victim of them. ‘To do’s’ need to be organised and prioritised, some over the space of a day, some over a week etc… There are always going to be the urgent issues that you have to deal with, but there are a lot of less ‘urgent’ issues that are important but which can be moved to the ‘my life will not end if I don’t do this now’ list.

Another idea is to take time to arrange your social media interactions, so that they don’t overtake your life. Sometimes scheduling in time for fun, a conversation with a friend or reading a book is what you need to do to create time.

Life is full of ifs and maybes… Better to live your life fully…. Isn’t it funny how so many of us know this but fail to live it? Take a moment to take stock. Are you guilty of being JUST TOO BUSY…BEING BUSY? Looking forward to hearing from you.

D xx