A big part of our wellbeing journey is about learning when to change certain habits: many of which are beneficial to us.

In our daily lives, helping to make us more productive and efficient but as with all good things …too much can be problematic. This is certainly the case for those of us who rely on our gadgets…. you know who you are (she says with a side eye to self) phones, iPads, computers, fitbits, TV… often all day and then at night in bed too…(there’s that side eye to self again).

Now this was a topic of discussion at our January wellbeing zone event and I have been making an effort at a sort of digital detox …interested to know how the rest of you are doing by the way.

Anyway to aid us we’ve reached out to one of our wellbeing experts Malminder Gill for her digital detox tips and here’s what she said…

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