This wonder product appropriately named the ‘Calm Balm’ by the incredibly gifted Michelle Roques O’Neil has become a desktop lifesaver for those particularly frazzled and stressful days, so we thought we’d share it with you!

Michelle is an aromatherapist and this is something you’ll instantly recognise with this expertly blended balm. All you need to do is apply a little of this luxurious product to the pulse points and let it do its magic… you won’t regret it! It has been regularly passed around the Wow Beauty team to instill some much needed calm and give us a mindful moment as we breathe in and inhale the gorgeous scent. 

This balm has been created to “offer vital support when nerves are frayed and need unifiction gently stroking them back to alignment.” Michelle describes the balm on her website (along with the other products in the ‘Inner Light’ range) as an “emotional second aid, an intense and powerful collection that work at a souldeep level” which definitely feels very true. I think we all suffer from stress at various points in our lives and so anything that can help alleviate this and rebalance ourselves are must-haves for us.

Some of the key ingredients in this include Jojoba oil, Sandalwood oil, Frankincense oil,  and of course, Lavender oil which is famous for relaxation but it doesn’t overpower the balm as lavender can sometimes do. All of the essential oils in this product work together beautifully.

We can’t get enough of this stunning product, it is helping us every day to calm our nerves and keep us steady instantly and effectively. We are so glad to have found this balm and if you are in need of something to help calm you down, this is something you should definitely try out.

Buy the Calm Balm for £38 at Therapie Roques O’Neil

Michelle is also one of our fabulous ‘Wow Women’. Check out our interview with her here.