Beauties, it’s getting colder and one thing I love about the winter months is wrapping up warm at home and making my space feel so cosy. These fabulous candles are guaranteed to give your house a glow, they burn beautifully with a gorgeous scent.

Prismologie Massage Candle

Obsessed with the scent of oud that eminates from this beautiful candle. The purpose of this candle is to burn it, enjoy the scent and then massage the oil from the candle into your body… love it!  If you’re looking for a candle with a multi-purpose, this the one for you.

Buy the Prismologie candle for £60 from Prismologie

Kiss the Moon Glow Candle

Wrap yourself with the gorgeous scent of Orange & Geranium to warm your soul. The organge is warm and citrusy and the Geranium is uplifting – just beautiful.

Buy the Kiss the moon candle for £38 from Kiss the Moon

Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle

This candle is perfect if like me you like the scent of fireplaces and smoke!

Buy the candle for £24 from Cult Beauty

Monocle Candle
This gorgeous offering from monocle is inspired by the scent of moss and Japanese outdoor wooden hot tubs!
Urban Apothocary Velvet Peony
This is a lush blend of floral notes including velvet peony, rose, and violet blended with spicy amberwood…gorgeous.