One of the the things that always inspires me is when I attend an event and have the opportunity to meet people who are doing great things. This is even more exciting when those people are women, who have taken the leap into Entrepreneurship. Last week at an event held by The Women’s Chapter, I found myself surrounded by many women who had done just that, one of whom is Martha Silcot who launched an innovative company called The Fab Little Bag ….
Basically this is a sanitary disposal bag: it’s fab and it’s little, but it’s also sealable and discreet making it super easy to dispose of tampons and small sanitary pads in any situation. Simples. This little bag will just take away the anxiety of being on the go when on your period, helping you to dispose of your tampon or pad discreetly and easily when you’re unable to find a bin. It’s so small, it’s easy to just throw in my bag in case of any emergencies,