Beauties, it’s the SUMMER and time to GLOW!

Are you looking to achieve that gorgeous summer glow? We’re here with some tips using our fabulous new Summer Glow Box to help you get glowing this summer!

The Wow Beauty x D.O.R. Beauty Edit Summer Glow Beauty Box is packed to the brim with products that are guaranteed to help you to achieve long-lasting radiance! Each full-sized item has been hand-picked to make sure that you glow from head to toe! From body wash to exfoliators to glistening moisturiser… all packed with natural skin-loving ingredients & free from nasties you’ll be addicted to your long-lasting glow.

body hut sand

Let’s Start with the Lips with Body Hut

The sun can make your lips feel dry and chapped so making sure to slough off the dry skin and following it up by slathering it in moisture. Keep your lips soft and lock in that moisture with these gorgeous lip products from Body Hut – their lip balm and lip polish duo.

love absolute face oil

Don’t skip the face oil with Love Absolute

Who doesn’t love a face oil to give you that gorgeous glow? Some people may avoid oils in the summer as they may feel like there’s enough glow going on in the sun, but this lovely face oil from Love Absolute is light, fresh and beautiful on the skin with a more serum-like texture that sinks in beautifully. This natural serum oil is jam packed with bio-active vitamins and fatty acids to  hydrate the skin, whilst protecting from transdermal water loss and environmental aggressors.

Here’s a few words from founder Sarah about her wonderful face oil

Love Absolute is excited to feature our Radiance Oil Serum in the summer glow box because summer is the time that insects need a variety of flowering crops as different food sources, and this ultra biodiverse plant based formula helps bees directly in the fields, with it’s Been friendly Starflower, White Poppy seed and certified organic Thistle Seed Oil. Also featuring the novel oil seed ‘Corn Cromwell’, with its mighty array of skin loving fatty acids that help to keep skin dewy & fresh for an entirely natural guilt free summer glow.

Invigorate in the shower with Prismologie

Jump in the shower and get the feel-good factor with this lush shower gel guaranteed to boost your mood! With the Prismologie Citrine & Bergamot Shower Gel, you’ll feel your senses come alive with the fresh scent of natural Bergamot and the energising sparkle of Citrine. Plant actives and botanical extracts do more than just cleanse, your skin will radiate with confidence and health.

Feel uplifted, energised and ready to take on the day!

Scrub away with Skin Alchemists

A body scrub is a great way to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin cells and leave you with glowing skin underneath. Many body scrubs work best if used before getting in the bath or the shower so that you don’t end up dissolving the sugar/salt base before they’re able to work their magic. Skin Alchemists Chocolate Cove body exfoliate is a luxurious jar of yum will leave your skin so super soft, silky and moisturised!

It’s a beautiful thing when something as simple as a body scrub becomes a transformative experience….and that’s what Skin Alchemists ‘Chocolate Cove’ Nourishing Body exfoliant delivers. The Chocolate Cove is sensual and seductive. It’s a sensory journey from beginning to end. The journey begins with the lush chocolatey packaging… next as you open the dark jar you are enveloped by the exotic fragrance ….with hints of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and mesmerised by the colour.

guava and gold sand

Get Shimmering with Guava and Gold

This is my favourite step – giving your skin that extra boost of glow through a body glitter! It can help enhance the look and really add a special touch.   Using a shimmering body oil like the Guava and Gold Shimmering Body Oil is a wonderful way to get your legs (and arms…. Anywhere really) gleaming in the sun!

This shimmering body oil is like a vacation in a box… a very pretty box of turquoise and gold. This beautifully scented oil is rather addictive, you just have to smell it to know that the brand founder is passionate about tropical places. This gorgeous body oil utilises macadamia, sweet almond, avocado and coconut oils.

Here’s a few words from founder Clare Price about this shimmering body oil… “A little bit of summer in every bottle. With our Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil, you’ll smell divine and look radiant.”

Don’t forget to protect your glow with SPF with Ecooking

If you’re going to be exposed to the sunshine, then make sure you use plenty of SPF to avoid causing any sun damage.

This SPF from Ecooking is wonderful for all skin tones and is lovely and moisturising! It’s fab for both the face and body… love it! It’s a waterproof, lightweight sunscreen provides medium to high protection against harmful UV rays. Enriched with aloe vera, cucumber, and glycerin, this non-greasy sunscreen nourishes as it protects.


The beauty box is on sale now at the D.O.R. Beauty Edit. All of the products in the fabulous beauty box are all FULL-SIZED products with a RRP value of £159… but you can get this box yourself for only £80!

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