Beauties, here’s a great post from Spiritual life coach Samantha Richardson about how to navigate the holiday season.

As the holiday season draws closer levels of anxiety and stress increase! This is partly due to unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves to spend money we don’t have, be continuously joyful and to have the best time ever!

It can also unearth many self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions, as we are drawing to the end of the year when we tend to reflect on where we are in our life and where we would want to be! The mind instinctively goes to fear and lack, as a form of protection and therefore we omit to see the many blessings and lessons we have experienced throughout the year.

Here are some positive mindset tips to navigate the holiday period with ease!

  • Morning Magic! – Start the day with a positive intention

How you start the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, e.g. “Today I will focus my attention on all things which bring me joy”. Repeat throughout the day. You will be amazed how much your day improves.

  • Focus on the present moment

You are the master of your own mind. Most sources of negativity originate from a memory of a past event and trigger the imagination to be prepared for a future similar event. By focussing your attention in the present, you have an opportunity to create new positive memories.

  • Be mindful of where and with whom you spend your time

Time is precious and therefore choose where and with whom you spend it carefully. Whatever you choose to engage in, keep it simple, manageable and most importantly enjoyable! If certain people or events trigger negative emotions, then if possible, avoid or limit your time there.

  • Find a resource that makes you feel positive

If you feel you are spiralling into negative self-talk then call on the services of your “feel good things”, e.g. exercise, an inspirational podcast, an uplifting friend, or a walk-in nature, to bring you back into balance and grounded.

  • Be conscious of your conversations

Be conscious of how you speak! We are all energy! Our words hold energetic vibrations too. Like magnets, like attracts like. When you speak negatively you are sending out a vibrational indicator to the universe to bring you more of the same. Become mindful of the words you are using. And, the conversations you are listening or contributing too. If Auntie Alice is going on her rampage about Cousin Joe then interject with a positive comment and if she doesn’t want to hear it, then make your excuses and step away from the situation. If this isn’t possible then don’t engage in the conversation. Remember your words are dictating your future experiences. Place great value on them and with whom you share them with.

  • Allow yourself to be not okay

It’s okay not to feel great. Allow your emotions a voice, whether it is sharing them with a friend or writing them in a journal. Once you allow yourself to express how you feel, you can feel more positive. Journaling at the end of your day will enable you to enter sleep with a clear mind. How you enter sleep will determine how you start your next day. The journal represents an energetic reset button!

By Samantha Richardson, Spiritual life coach

You can find her on Instagram @ samtheintuitive