Beauties, let’s talk about Iron!

I am slightly deficient in iron, and also have a bit of an aversion to taking tablets. I’ve tried tablets in the past, but I either find them too hard to take on a daily basis (therefore I seem to conveniently forgot/put it off after a while) and I’ve tried ones that haven’t even worked before. I would also love to try and increase my energy levels.

Now, recently I’ve felt like no matter how much sleep I’ve been getting I’m still tired and getting a little more short of breath compared to usual. I know I’ve needed to do something about it, so when I found out about this BetterYou Iron Spray, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Why do you need Iron?

Iron is important in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.

The taste

Not my favourite but not too offensive. I would recommend you having something to eat/ a drink with flavour afterwards as it does left a bit of an aftertaste.

I don’t feel any sort of instant result – I didn’t get a boost of energy or anything from it.

What’s great about it

As it’s in a spray, it means you don’t get the stomach issues that some people get from iron supplements – one of the reasons I’ve always been a little wary of the full blown iron tablets, even the doctors are reluctant to prescribe them due to the side effects.

It’s easy to use on the go. It lives in my handbag so if I do forget to use it first thing in the morning, I can just take it wherever I go. And unlike with tablets, I don’t need a drink with it (although I prefer to have one just to rid myself of the aftertaste).

I like the fact you don’t need to eat or have this on an empty stomach – so I can literally just use it whenever I remember to. I do 4 sprays in one go, under the tongue and away I go.

What’s in it

4 sprays deliver 5mg of highly bioavailable iron.

After using it for a week

To be completely honest – on the surface, my energy levels felt around the same. I was a little under the weather too so that may have tainted the results. Absolutely no digestive problems as a result of continued use and I felt like it was a lot easier to maintain than tablets, personally.

After three weeks

I did feel a little better and I did feel that when I stopped using it for a couple of days (due to travelling and changing bags), that next level of tiredness hit me. So, I immediately hunted it down as it was hidden away after my travels and started using it again to see if it would help give me a little boost.

Overall, I really like the method of delivery with this. I’ve had no stomach issues throughout the process, it was easy enough to spray in my mouth whenever I remembered to and doesn’t taste off-putting to make me not want to use it. It’s something I’m definitely gonna keep using – hopefully next time I have a blood test, my iron levels will be in a better place. I feel like over a longer period of time, it can only help me.

As this is something that would only last around a month, it would be great if they could bring out a way to send the packaging back for recycling… or in the future, a larger bottle that could even be decanted into this one as the size is perfect for on the go.

Jess xx

Buy the iron spray for £9.95 from BetterYou