Why a Holistic Beauty and Wellbeing Special?

The definition of Holistic is – ‘Treating the whole not just a part‘ and that is one of the main threads that runs through my vision with Wow Beauty. As we journey through life, the notion that we can be our best selves just by using a great cream or by wearing the right shade of lipstick wears very thin indeed. Many of us have awakened to the realization that we exist between mind, body and spirit. We are not only at our most beautiful and radiant when we’ve harmonized but often we’re also our most powerful when we are holistically ‘well’.

We can’t escape the fact that we live in a fast paced world which on the plus side impacts on us in many positive ways, but which on the negative side also makes for a more stressful way of living; as Michelle Roques O’Neil says “as the world speeds up and there are more demands on time it can feel harder to find balance and simplicity. Stress makes you flow unnaturally, restricts your breathing and body function and eventually the current becomes disrupted and blocked. It can affect us in a multitude of ways”. We all know what stress feels like and we all have different experiences of it, so ultimately we need to look inwards to know what combination of factors boost our well being.

With each passing month I am increasingly excited by some of the awesome Holistic brands that are launching… Holistic Beauty has become very sexy! Gone are the days of less than inspiring packaging and unpleasant smelling potions…now it’s all about the sensory experience with gorgeous packaging, state of the art ingredients that work on more than just a superficial level, uplifting natural aromas and lush textures.

For some of us, when it comes to our skincare choices we are opting to use only natural or organic products; for others it’s all about whatever works best, a blend of science and natural, whatever your style the one sure thing is that we are becoming increasingly conscious of the link between our outer beauty and our wellbeing.

So as this is about beauty and wellbeing, we will of course be sharing some of our favourite products with you, but this special includes other elements too: we’ll be looking at wellbeing and self-care, because what we put into our bodies and how we look after ourselves as a whole is a major part of the inner beauty outer beauty balancing act… it’s also about what we eat and what we think.  Look out for some great contributions from some of our WOW gurus. You’ll get great tips about skincare, hormones, eating for energy and sleep. I know that personally and based on what many of you write in about, many of us are feeling the need to seek some sort of balance between the various elements that make us whole enabling us to function at our best and it’s for this reason that I’ve chosen to use the categories of : Cleanse, Nourish, Treat, Sleep and Support as all of these words have a soothing and pragmatic quality about them.

One of the things that I love about the brands that I’m sharing with you in this Holistic Beauty Special is that there is a compelling story behind how many of the founders came to create their brand, maybe that’s what makes their products so effective … they come from a place of authenticity, so look out for snippets of wisdom from these founders.

Part 1 – CLEANSE
Part 2 – NOURISH (Part 1)
Part 3 – NOURISH (Part 2)
Part 5 – TREAT
Part 6 – SLEEP
Part 7 – SUPPORT

Denise xx