Remember to breathe. Our breath is our life force. Air flows in and energises every molecule in our amazing bodies. When we flow in breath we flow in life, we flow in acceptance and we flow in the knowledge that we are perfectly and wonderfully made. When we flow in breathe we are literally meeting the world in a very present and engaged way.

How many times a day do you catch yourself not breathing? Be honest, have you noticed it? Do you have an awareness of this basic function operated by our autonomic nervous system? We don’t even have to think about breathing, yet when we do we are instantly exposed to a new way of being, a new level of awareness and a new level of bodily awareness which is very relaxing.

I watched a movie and the student expressed a list of the impossibilities before him. He literally and metaphorically had mountains to climb and overcome. He had enemies ready for combat, people to rescue, he had it all stacked up against him. When he finished, he looked to his master for guidance and his master said, ‘remember to breathe’.

The idea that we can face all our challenges by breathing through them all is almost incredulous. Challenge yourself to become aware of your breath and when you do, challenge yourself to breathe through all the day has to offer you.

We’d love to hear if this does something for you. Let us know! :-)