We spend so much time over-analysing and obsessing over bad things in life, this can lead to our brains focusing and only noticing these negative things, instead of looking for the good in life. But you can change that mindset – and start looking for the good stuff that nourishes us and brings us joy.

The term “glimmer” was first introduced by social worker Deb Dana in her book, The Polyvagal Theory In Therapy: Engaging The Rhythm Of Regulation. This is a small moment of awe or sense of joy, hope or connection, which usually comes from seemingly small things.

So I have a challenge for you: start taking some time to slow down.

To be present in your day-to-day life and start looking for the small moments that spark joy or peace… those small ‘glimmers’ in your everyday life. These can cue our nervous system to feel safe and calm and the more you look for them, the more you’ll find them.

Here are some examples of glimmers…

  • Enjoying nature: take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of a fragrant flower, a sunset or even the sounds of the leaves.
  • Spending times with animals: animals are wonderful companions and can foster a sense of joy and connection.
  • Wrapping up in a soft blanket: it can provide comfort and a moment of calm.
  • Scents, like baked goods, aromatherapy and more: scent can be powerful triggers for positive emotions. They can evoke memories too.
  • Moments with loved ones: cherish moments with family and friends that bring warmth to your heart and create a connection.
  • A nice view: who else doesn’t find an aesthetic view pleasing? It can evoke feelings of familiarity and joy.
  • A connection with others: engaging in meaningful conversations or shared experience can foster a great sense of connection and community.

It all comes down to noticing the small things… You just need to slow down enough to spot them in your everyday life. You’ll feel more grounded and notice further moments of joy the more you look for them.