Welcome to this week’s ‘My Beauty and Wellbeing’ story… this week we’re sharing our interview with Green Beauty Blogger known as WonderlustingLynda, Lynda D’aboh.

We’re all about holistic beauty and wellbeing and we love hearing about how other people are managing there’s – for this series we’re reaching out to some inspiring women and men to find out about their favourite products and practices- you know …the things that enable them to be their best selves.

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Lynda first of all tell us a little bit about yourself how did you become a green beauty Blogger?

I’m a trained news journalist, travel & food PR and have lived, worked and played on 5 continents. Long before the term “green beauty” existed I was scrutinising ingredients lists (mainly due to allergies) and have always been in awe of Mother Nature’s brilliant biochemistry. Every great scientific development is based on her designs. I don’t buy into the nature versus science thinking! Both can work in harmony.

I’m an “early adopter” and have a nose for spotting trends, predicting the rise of “clean beauty” and plastic-free movement several years ago.  I started Wonderlusting 10 years ago to share my discoveries of the intriguing products and places I came across in my travels and to share my love of the best in green beauty. I find such joy in natural, artisan products. At the time green beauty was very dull and beige, and I saw no reason why it shouldn’t also be glam. Nature is full of bold, beautiful, breathtaking designs – look at flowers – so why wasn’t that reflected.

Why is clean beauty so important to you?

Firstly let me say that though I use it, I’m not crazy about the term “clean beauty” as it can be hard to define. For me, it’s about being conscious and intentional about my choices. It’s important because it’s what works best for me personally (I have super sensitive skin and allergic reactions which have ended up in hospital) as well as what works best for the planet which impacts every single one of us. I don’t try to be perfect – which is impossible, I try to do the best I can as often as I can.lynda

What are your fave skincare ingredients?

 This such a tough question for a skincare junkie! I have Sahara dry skin so I love ingredients that hydrate. I am obsessed with oils they are really miracle workers and I use from head to toe. Seabuckthorn, rosehip, camellia and jojoba are particular faves. I’m all about glowing skin so Vitamin C is a must as it’s so great for brightening. Vitamin D is a secret weapon for skin health and Hyaluronic Acid is great for holding on to moisture. I’ve recently become obsessed with oats! Oat ceramides and lipids are brilliant for barrier function and skin repair as well as super soothing and nourishing for my sensitive skin.

I love the way that you bring us interesting ingredients from around the world, why is that important to you?

I’m ridiculously curious! Green beauty simply wouldn’t exist without these ingredients! There are so many amazing ingredients used and grown in Africa, Asia and South America that have stood the test of time and science is just catching up. It bothers me that the contribution and original sources of knowledge are rarely recognised or paid properly.

What are your must-have skincare products? and what is the last product that you purchased that you’re loving?lipstick

Generally speaking cleansers, closely followed by oils are my absolute must-haves. Without a clean slate, everything else is pointless.

I’m a lipstickaholic but lockdown plus mask wearing has totally ruined my lipstick life! To combat that I just treated myself to a purpletastic lipstick from the new Byredo makeup range.

As you know Wow Beauty is committed to encouraging self-care, what are some of your non-negotiable self-care rituals?

Being out in nature. Before looking at my phone or emails in the morning, I like to start my day with a walk out in nature. It’s great for clearing the cobwebs, getting lost in the beauty even on days when it’s pouring down and putting things into perspective before tackling the day’s to-do list.

Digital detoxing is increasingly important to me. My work involves social media and it can feel like I’m on a screen 24/7 so I now ruthlessly enforce at least one day a week when I ban myself!  I’m also very mindful of what I view when traumatic news is unfolding.

What difference has lockdown life made to how you practise self-care? What item has become your lockdown must haves?

As I already worked from home the day to day life hasn’t really changed. The only real major difference has been actually following exercise classes online and working out. I’ve discovered that I really like boxing and kicking things for my mental health!

What is your typical morning skincare routine like? And your nighttime routine? Has anything changed since lockdown?

 Morning – rinse off cleanser, once or twice a week mask, mist, vitamin c serum, hyaluronic acid serum, oil, SPF

Nighttime – balm or oil cleanser, toner, mandelic acid or retinol serum, mist, oil

My skincare routine really simplified during lockdown. Rarely wearing makeup, not travelling into Central London so less exposure to pollution, and stressed skin meant I kept to the bare minimum. Many days I just cleansed and moisturised that was it.  I’m back to doing more those, especially as the change of weather makes my skin dryer.

What changes would you like to see and the beauty industry over the next year or so?lynda

 I would like to see the world I know in real life better reflected in the beauty industry. And more respect shown to ALL customers as well as equity behind the scenes of the beauty industry. To still have to be talking about the lack of diversity is ridiculous. And a ramping up of the sustainable initiatives that have emerged. It’s great to see progress so more please!

Thank you, Lynda

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