Relax with Neom’s Luxury Bath Milk

Relax with Neom’s Luxury Bath Milk

Baths have become an essential part of my self-care ritual in the recent years.

There’s just something so relaxing about the hot water, how you can add whatever concoction of scent to it depending on your mood… and it’s really a time you can just have for yourself. You can just block out the outside world, light a candle and exhale.

When I heard that Neom were bringing out a new bath product, I knew I had to try it… let’s talk about their new Luxury Magnesium Bath Milk.

What’s to love

  • It’s the perfect bath product to use after a long day to relax and unwind.
  • It’s powered by magnesium, which helps to relax muscles.
  • You don’t need a lot… this stuff is powerful, with a gorgeous scent that fills the room.
  • Love the aromatherapeutic benefits of this… the scent is gorgeous and oh so relaxing and it feels very luxurious.
  • The aluminum tins are not only nice to look at, they’re also easily recycled.

Key ingredients

  • A blend of 100% natural lavender, jasmine and sandalwood to help create a moment of calm.
  • Skin-restoring jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E and aloe vera.

Just add a few capfuls of this milky goodness and your bath is transformed. To get the full experience of magnesium, I also like throwing in some bath salts too for an added bonus. Then you just need to add a candle, a book and perhaps some bubbles if you’re into that… and your evening is set!

This scent really lingers in the air – it’s not overpowering, but the gorgeous scent permeates out from the bathroom and even into my hallway… gorgeous. I’m obsessed!


Buy the bath milk from Neom

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