Here’s a great post from healer Michelle Roques-O’Neil with 5 tips for a winter reset. 

Sometimes we just need to pause… don’t we? Take time to decompress. As we approach the festive season, there’s always a strong possibility that we may lose balance and pull ourselves out of kilter, it’s quickly done. So how can we maintain equilibrium whilst managing the run-up to Christmas?

Autumn is the season of harvest, where we reap the rewards of seeds we have cultivated over the past year, within our work and also our personal journey. This is a time to review your achievements and take stock. Perhaps it’s a time to release what no longer serves, which could be outdated processes concerning your work and the beliefs, habits and expectations that fuel them.

It’s a time for you to tune in to your own flow and find a new rhythm, one that’s more in tune with you. You even get an extra hour with the clocks going backwards this weekend, so there are no excuses. Make this a time to create a space that nurtures and cocoons you, surrounding yourself with people who respect your time and energy. Within this space, ask yourself, am I living my authentic life? Are all my needs met? If not, what steps could I take to action this? When you bring things into into your awareness you begin to see clearly what is needed. Go into the winter with a full cup, not one half empty.

Five Tips for an Autumn reset

Declutter your wardrobe and organise your deskautumn

Firstly, why not deal with unfinished business, maybe bag up the pile of unwanted clothes for Oxfam or clear the mounting pile of papers still on your desk. File them—take this time to clean up and get organised. Get things in order by doing a “pre Autumn clean” before winter takes its grip.

Circle of life

On a piece of paper draw a large circle, on the inside, write down everything you’d like to keep in your life as well as things to aspire to. On the outside write down all the people, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you and want to release from your life. This is how you begin to create boundaries and understand the drains on your energy.

Reset the vibration

There’s nothing like preparing your space, so open the windows, move around the furniture, change your bed clothes or play uplifting music. Once things feel in their right order smudge your space, use Frankincense resin, Palo Santo wood, or White Sage – remember always move around the room in a clockwise direction.

Finish projects

Pull out any old projects you began that went on the back burner—take a fresh look at them, are they worth pursuing ? If so plot out some time to work towards completing them.

Friends are so important, reach out to anyone you haven’t seen in awhile, make time

Why not connect with people who’ve been on your mind. If people pop into your consciousness, reach out. This could be the perfect time to rekindle those friendships.

Be gentle with yourself and others

Be gentle, increase your self-care and know that everyone around you feels pressured now, so be gentle with them. We’re being forced out of our comfort zones, so breathe, surrender and make graceful steps forward.