The Rise of Feminine Energy and what it means about masculine energy by Lisa Cybaniak. 

Today, Lisa Cybaniak is exploring the rise of feminine energy and its significance in relation to masculine energy. Ladies, if you’ve ever experienced burnout or just feel like the typical workday/work week/work month just doesn’t quite work for you… you’re not alone… keep reading to find out why….

There’s no denying that we’ve been living in a man’s world for centuries now. There is no greater evidence of this than what is found when you look at a typical workday, week, and month. Quite simply, it’s linear. We are expected to perform at the same level, with the same energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and productivity, every single day.

The Masculine Cycle

That works brilliantly for men because their hormones are rather consistent. They have fluctuating testosterone levels every day, typically rising in the morning, and then falling again in the evening, preparing them for sleep. This is perfect for the average workday.

(Credit: Jennis)

The Feminine Cycle

Women on the other hand, have four separate hormones (only 2 are shown in the diagrams) that fluctuate throughout the month. In fact, we have four phases to our menstrual cycle, just like there are four phases in the moon cycle. These are the period itself, the follicular, luteal and pre-menstrual phases, with ovulation happening between the follicular and luteal phases.

Each of these phases present themselves different in women. Typically, ovulation will see women at their peak mentally and physically. They will be social beings that are highly productive. Yet the very next week, in the luteal phase, those same women begin to retreat inward. Productivity wanes, and while they are focused on completing tasks, this is not a time for creativity.

In the menstrual phase (the period), women are re-evaluating and need time to rest as their mental and physical energies are low. Socialising is the last thing women crave in this phase.

And the next week, in the follicular phase, we start to feel energised again, and get super creative. Planning and problem-solving are our jam this week!

(Credit: Yoko Miyagawa/BBC)

Women in a Man’s World

When it comes to our regular responsibilities, particularly in the workforce, women have been struggling not just for equal pay and recognition but in forcing their very cyclical cycle into this linear expectation. And while some have found their groove, many of us have burnt out.

And when burn out comes calling, people tend to re-evaluate and re-group. Many women around the world have found during this time, they’ve reconnected with themselves in unexpected ways. They’ve allowed themselves to understand their cycle, how it differs from the male cycle, and how the world is designed as a patriarchy that their bodies will never align with.

Not surprisingly then, these women have begun to celebrate their bodies, including their cycle. They’re starting to honour the differences between men and women.

The Beauty of Balance

While the masculine energy represents taking charge, leadership, assertion, and a “let’s get this done” attitude, feminine energy represents expression, forgiveness, empathy, creativity, and compassion.

The patriarchal world we’ve been living in is centred around competition – there must be a loser to have a winner. Therefore, when we speak about the rise of feminine energy, the first thought for most is that the masculine must fall. But hopefully you can see how important it is to embody the qualities of both masculine and feminine, rather than one over the other.

What is the point of being a compassionate and creative empath if there is no leadership present? How do you stand up for yourself if there is no assertion? And inversely, how to you lead effectively if you cannot empathise with those you are trying to lead?

Balance is what is required. When we speak of the feminine energy rising, we don’t mean at the expense of anyone else. Instead, we are rising to meet the masculine as equals, standing together, accepting, and honouring the masculine and feminine energy that is within us all.

The Rise of Your Feminine Energy

So, how do we start? Each person is on their own journey, but a great place to begin increasing your understanding is by checking in with yourself each day. Do you notice your cycle? Not just when you’re menstruating, but do you notice the subtle differences in the foods you crave, the types of exercise you’re interested in, your moods, and productivity levels each week? Track them for one month and see how much variation there is for you in that time.

A wonderful place to really begin embracing your feminine energy is with a women’s circle. The Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood is where my journey began. There are similar groups all over the world and any of them would love to meet you!lisa

About Lisa:

Lisa is dedicated to fulfilling her life purpose by teaching others how to unleash the Goddess within, coming into their own as a healer (of themselves, others, and Mother Earth). She focuses on Reiki healing treatments, teaching all levels of Reiki both online and in-person, and holding space for women in her monthly Full Moon Women Circles. You can learn more about Lisa through her website.