Urban Veda’s Body Oils are my new addiction!

Urban Veda’s Body Oils are my new addiction!

I have a new body care addiction, there I’ve said it. I have to say I’m slightly annoyed with Urban Veda for creating these for absolutely gorgeous body oils for me to become addicted to – but at the same time I want to hug them for adding a body oil range to their offering.

Urban Veda are known for the fact that they base their range on Ayurvedic wellbeing principles and those who are familiar with the brand will be familiar with the four ranges: soothing, radiance, reviving and purifying – each of which is linked to a skin type and an Ayurvedic dosha and of course as we expect luscious body oils have been developed along the same principles.

What’s to Love

I love the fact that these products are sensory delight designed to work not just on our physical body but to boost our wellbeing thanks to the use of specific essential oils each chosen for its therapeutic qualities as well as actives from nature such as turmeric, calendula, ginseng, and gotu kola blended with skin nourishing base oils like sweet almond and olive oil.

Every one of these body oils smells absolutely gorgeous and I use them according to my mood plus the fragrance lasts, so once you’ve bathed and anointed your skin with your oil you have the pleasure of enjoying the long-lasting fragrance.

These body oils are perfect for self-massage and I try not to use them if I’m in a hurry – it’s all about mindfulness rituals …cleansing followed by moisturising with intention.

These body oils are at a higher price point than other Urban Veda products at £35 each but in my humble opinion as someone who uses body oils almost daily and who has tried so many different ones, these are good value for money: they are light enough to be easily absorbed but rich enough to nourish, moisturise and protect.

The Range:

  • Reviving (support and balance) – Rose is the core fragrance here with a hint of jasmine, to plump and pamper tired and mature skin.
  • Purifying (energise and uplift) – spearmint and patchouli are the most distinguishable fragrance notes in this uplifting and energising blend which also includes Neem oil and Gotu Kola to energise the skin.
  • Radiance (nourish and glow) – frankincense, geranium and patchouli are the most distinguishable notes here for calming and soothing. There’s also turmeric for helping with skin radiance.
  • Soothing (calm and unwind) – sandalwood and Rosemary are the most distinguishable notes here. This blend also includes lavender and the Ayurvedic adaptogen ‘Shatavari root extract’ to help with calming and relaxation.

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