‘Inner Calm Outer Beauty’  How a yoga practice at every age has a positive influence on our well-being.

Throughout our lives as women we are continuously discovering and figuring out what we need to nurture us. Too often in our modern day lives we are so busy with ‘doing’ that we can often forget to ‘be’, which is where a regular yoga practice can help us find that little pocket of peace to allow ourselves the stillness and calm to rest on a mental and physical level.
Asana ( the physical practice) of yoga is often where we will begin our yoga journey it was definitely where I started mine, however over time I have come to cultivate an awareness of the myriad of gifts that a regular yoga and meditation practice brings.
The breath is really where it all begins and synchronising the breath with movement is where the magic really happens  we gradually over time start to feel and see the benefits of these two practices.  Finding stillness in a world where we are constantly trying to keep up with social media, busy lives where we’re forging our careers, relationships and perhaps also raising children… It’s little wonder we need a space to recharge and rejuvenate!

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I thoroughly recommend a meditation practice as it allows us the space to get clarity. A physical practice is a wonderful place to explore movement and also start to see the subtle benefits of allowing ourselves the time to pay attention to what’s going on for us both on and off of our yoga mats.
Calming our nervous system has a positive impact on how all of our systems in the body . some of the attributes of a regular practice, greater awareness of breathing, improved sleep patterns a healthier body and glowing skin. All in all allowing a radiance to come from within that can only contribute and enhance our outer beauty.

Yasmine Khan

Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing/ Lifestyle Writer.