The very definition of ‘nourish’ is to provide what’s necessary for growth, health and good condition. In order to full embrace this concept, we need to look both at what we put in our bodies, as well as on our bodies in order to strengthen ourselves and promote a healthy wellbeing. In this part of our holistic special, we’re looking at nourishing our bodies through what we eat, along with what we use on our bodies to care for them.

Nourishing our skin by using creams, lotion and potions is just as important a ritual as the ritual of cleansing. Whether it is taking ten minutes to work cream into your skin after a bath or massage a heavenly facial oil into the crevices of your face, having that mindful moment gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself and refocus your mind.

In Ayurveda, food is directly connected to your consciousness, invoking emotions and altering your state of mind. Positive foods can create positive spiritual qualities – increasing alertness and feelings of bliss, and on a physical level they will make you feel healthier, led to clearer skin, amongst other benefits, whereas bad foods will leave you feeling sluggish and dull – even leading to disease. Taking that time to really look at what you eat, paying attention to what you use to nourish your body, is so important, because it ultimately provides the energy that we need to thrive, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too.

It feels that many of us are getting better at tapping into the nourishment that we need to be our best selves (or at least a better self). We are more conscious of the products that we use on our bodies, of the effect of certain foods on how we feel and perform, of the people and energies that we expose ourselves to and of the way that we feed our spirit by including mindfulness into our lives.


If I could I would persuade every person to try using a skin oil for a week: Why? because I’m an oil addict and I want to convert you. Don’t get me wrong, I love creams too but I believe that once you start using a good face oil or serum before your regular moisturiser there really is no turning back. Some of the fab products below are formulated to work alone, without the need for anything else on top…less is more…Love that!

Now of course if I were choosing an oil for you it would be an oil that is specifically chosen for your skin type, be it dry, dehydrated, sensitive or oily, I’d love to do this just so that you can experience just how amazingly your skin will respond. (Just to be clear, there is an oil to suit every skin condition, even oily)  First it would be the lush softness, then you would notice that your skin would have a gorgeous glow and by the end of the day you’d be babbling incoherently about how moist and nourished your skin is after a long day.

One other great benefit of using faceoils apart from all of the above, is they make moisturising a very sensual experience; There’s something very sensual about the feel of the oil on my skin as I massage it in. I can feel the texture of my skin, I take note of the contours of my face…suddenly I can connect with areas of facial tension and I can ease them with some facial massage….which all makes for increased wellbeing.

There are so many oils and serums to choose from so here are a few that I’ve tried and loved.

Vanderohe No. 1 Nourishing Serum

This serum made me really sit up and take notice! I’ve come across and used many lovely serum/oil hybrids, many of which I still use, but let me be absolutely crystal clear here: this is not just any hybrid, it’s a damn seductive and addictive hybrid that compels you to want to use it over and over again. As soon as you open the bottle and inhale the pureness of the ingredients, they start to work on you, they start to envelop you … it’s like apart from the initial pleasure of smelling pure rose, lavender and other yummy oils, this oil goes deeper and seems to tap into the part of the brain that deals with moods and emotions, creating a calm euphoria this is due to the sheer power of organically sourced ‘active’ essential oils. Read our full review of the Vanderohe serum here.
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Delarom Anti-Ageing Restructuring Balm

This balm smells so good thanks to the fact that its packed with anti-oxidant essential oils like grape seed oil, magnolia and chamomile as well as Bulgarian rose which is famous for being highly antioxidant, collagen stimulating and for its hydrating skills. Leaves your skin cocooned and nourished and your senses too. This range is paraben and nasties free.
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Aveda Tulasara Firm Concentrate

This brand unites advanced skincare science with the wisdom of Ayurveda and is from 97% naturally derived ingredients! This concentrate will leave your skin feeling firmer and aims to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, enriched with bio-fermented peptides to make the skin appear more plump!
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Black Chicken Serum

First of all- love the name of the brand, very catchy! Secondly, the serum itself contains a blend of some of my favorite oils like Jojoba, Rosehip, Argan, Sandalwood and Vitamin E. It is designed to plump and hydrate skin so that you would have every reason to “Love Your Face” it feels wonderful on the skin and smells divine.
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3107 ‘My Everything’ Face Oil

This oil will do more than just soothe your skin… its heavenly scent will also aid in soothing your soul. French lavender and Roman Chamomile will envelope you, calming both your skin and mind. This is one of those precious oils that compels you to take a moment to inhale and appreciate the soothing fragrance. This oil was created to address a need, hence the name ‘ My Everything” and I love that. The blend of apricot, jojoba, peach, vitamin E, lavender and chamomile oil combines to soothe, moisturise and nourish the skin.
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Samaya Anti-Ageing Treatment Oils

Love this Ayurvedic range! These are anti-aging treatment oils infused with natural ingredients. Kapha is infused with sandalwood and ashwagandha, Vata is harnessed with rose and turmeric, and Pitta is infused with a blend of Jasmine, lotus and saffron.
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Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil

Argan oil is beneficial for all skin types and can be used on hair and nails alike making it perfect for those seeking a simple routine with minimal ingredients. We especially love this Argan Oil because it’s rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and has been shown to improve elasticity, improve skin tone, balance oil production, reduce inflammation and protect the skin.
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Aurelia Skin Repair Night Oil

This night-time soothing facial oil ‘feeds’ your complexion enriched with vitamins and minerals including Kalahari oil, Mongongo oil, Hibiscus and Baobab to help your skin recapture its strength and elasticity. It also contains neroli, lavender and rose to calm, comfort and protect!
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Top tip: before applying your facial oil/serum dampen your face with a water spritz or hydrating spray, leave for a few seconds and then apply your product. Why? Because more moisture is sealed in when oil is applied to damp skin.



Sometimes you just need a product in your collection that can tick several boxes and these all purpose balms do just that! They are formulated with the best of natures ingredients and can be used to repair, moisturise and nourish pretty much everywhere …face, lips, hands, feet, hair …they are magic in a jar or a tube.

Black Chicken Balm of Ages

This Australian brand brings together a range of powerful and restorative remedies which have been used for thousands of years in their nature based products. This all-purpose balm deeply nourishes and protects the skin and hair, containing only natural and certified organic ingredients. Filled with shea butter, coconut oil, Camellia Tea oil and more, this balm melts into the skin providing intense hydration, the scent transporting you into nature.
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Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt

Coconut does it all! The world has fallen in love with this and so have we – and for good reason! Coconut oil will not only deeply nourish your skin and hair, it is rich in healthy fatty acids to provide energy, but isn’t stored as fat. This little pot from Dr Jackson’s is particularly handy for when you’re on the go, but you can also purchase this in a whole host of sizes.  It is 100% and smells delicious. We’ve talked all about the benefits of coconut oil here if you’d like more information!
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Green and Spring Miracle Nurturing  Balm 

The scent alone, a gorgeous blend of lavender, Evening primrose and rosemary, is enough to comfort and calm me. All of the ingredients used by this natural beauty brand are sourced in the English countryside. This moisturising balm is perfect for dry skin anywhere and can be used for those with sensitive skin, as it soothes and heals.
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Kahina Hand and Body Balm

The ingredient list alone tells you that this balm can nourish, repair and protect your skin. As with everything that Kahina makes, Argan oil is a major ingredient accompanied by shea butter, carrot seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil and Calendula, all effective skin nourishing and healing. This is a rich and nourishing moisturising balm, and yet despite all of its luscious ingredients, it sinks into your skin leaving nothing but an enviable healthy glow and of course scented with Kahina’s signature scent of Morroco!

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Ok, here’s the thing. I love oils. Why? Because I think that they really are the most effective skin hydrators. So forgive me if this section is a little oil heavy. One thing that I can tell you for sure is that every oil in this selection will leave you with deeply moisturised, nourished and supple skin because they all contain an abundance of skin boosting ingredients like antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The other thing is that due to the use of fragrant essential oils they all contribute to feelings of wellbeing ….love that! Oh yes and the last thing is that some of them are dry oils, so you don’t have to worry about oils marks on your clothes. Enjoy.

Aurelia Firm & Revitalize Dry Body Oil

This is a blend of neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin oils, which provide this oil with its rather addictive fragrance… the scent alone seems designed to calm the mind and soothe the spirit. As a ‘dry oil’ it literally just sinks into my skin, leaving no residue, just silky skin. It is packed with key botanicals such as Baobab, Hawaiian Kukui and Mongongo oil which makes this oil so effective at nourishing the skin. We’ve reviewed this lovely oil in the past, check out our review here on our website.
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Ayo Salute the Sun Body Creme

The ingredients used (Cacoa and Rhodolia Rosea Root) boost your endorphin levels – literally boosting your mood from the inside out! Their signature scent was created by renowned perfume designer Azzi Glasser. This brand comes from a place of love and we can’t get enough of it.
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Rahua Body Amazon Oil

I’ve turned to the wonderfully restorative and nourishing Amazon oil which is packed with Omegas 3&9, is organic and really makes my skin look and feel supple and nourished after showering. The magic ingredient is Rahua oil. Love this. What’s really cool is that this oil is made with exclusive organic 100% plant derived ingredients from the Amazon. Will leave you with a lasting glow and a sweet forest scent.
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Absolis Patyka Body Oil

It’s described by the brand as ‘like a strong and warm caress’ which is exactly what we’re looking for! It is enriched with Patchouli, which is a shrub which produces an essential oil that promotes circulation and has a healing effect, cardamom which offers toning and stimulating qualities, sesame oil which is rich in fatty acids and wheat germ which will help restructure skin tissue.
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Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Oil

This is targeted towards mature skin to increase firmness and elasticity and moisturize the skin. It is a really lush oil. Designed for mature skin, but actually anyone with dry skin can benefit from using this. Packed with nutrient dense primrose oil, which incidentally is rich in fatty acids, this oil is pure nourishment.
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Kadalys Sublime Precious Oil

This lush dry oil is a blend of green banana, avocado, jojoba, rose muscat and green tea, so as you can see it’s packed with skin nourishing antioxidants, as well as omega 9 and vitamin E. plus It contains gorgeous golden flakes to give your skin a shimmering boost.
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So we’re halfway through our ‘nourish’ feature… stay tuned, part two will be published on Monday 22nd May! This will be all about nourishment from the inside out.

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