Beauties, another month has come to an end. The sun has finally started shining and summer is upon us… time for us to share what we’ve been loving recently. Here are our June Wow Beauty Loves…. Beauty and wellbeing products we’ve been reaching for time and time again recently.

Denise’s Picks…

active shine

Manucurist Active Shine

This nail polish by Manucurist is perfect for when you want to dress your nails in something sheer but noticeable….love the shimmering glaze that this gives.


Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple Parfum

If you’re a sandalwood lover , you will simply adore this version by Sana Jardin! This elegant blend  includes vanilla which I don’t usually like in perfume but it really works here along with Neroli, vetiver and guaiac wood to balance it. The result is like a loving hug – it’s soft, gently woody and rather addictive.

Jessica’s Picks…

let the good times roll

Lush Let the Good Times Roll Body Spray

If you’re a lover of sweet, gourmand scents, you’ll love this one!

I’ve been loving this body spray from Lush recently… it’s sweet like popcorn and lasts well on the skin… I love this scent.


Culsmith Flawless Finish Hairspray – Strong Hold

Do you feel as though your curls don’t seem to last as well as you’d like them to? They’ll look great when you first wash them but drop out before the end of the day? That’s what I’ve felt… until I discovered the Curlsmith Hairspray! This hairspray has helped give more hold and grit to my haircare routine, ensuring my curls stay in place much longer between washdays…love! It’s also free from drying alcohols, unlike most traditional hairsprays.

(*PR gift/sample)