Welcome to part 3 of our Christmas Gift Guide!


Aromatherapy Associates
The Atomiser Essential Oil Diffuser

aromatherapy associates

If you’re an aromatherapy fan like yours truly, then you’ll love this atomiser from aromatherapy associates …here’s why: it’s doesn’t need water, you can charge it AND it can be cordless for up to 12 hours!

Bamidele (Follow Me Home) Candle


This beautiful candle is envelops you with sensual floral scents of rose otto and the warming nuances of sweet magnolia on a soft bed of sandalwood and orchid, leaving you feeling tranquil and grounded.

Bird and Blend
Magical Matcha Selection Box

bird and blend

Rich in antioxidants, this kit is a great intro the world of matcha… there are lots of different flavours to try.

Wild Planet Aromatherapy

pillow mist

This smells gorgeous …I’m talking addictive. It’s a pillow mist, but I use it as a bedroom mist as well because it creates a lovely sense of calm.

Calm Balm Solid Perfume

calm balm

This wonder product appropriately named the ‘Calm Balm’ by the incredibly gifted Michelle Roques O’Neil has become a desktop lifesaver for those particularly frazzled and stressful days

Feather and Down
Gift of Sleep Set

This lovely calming set from Feather & Down will help you sleep with a gorgeous pillow mist and candle.

Dr Kristin Neff
Fierce Self-Compassion


The book draws on Kristin Neff’s own life story as well as the stories of other women to show how readers can harness self-compassion and gain the strength, clarity and courage needed to be resilient and stand up for themselves in our male-dominated society.

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Sacred Rest

sacred rest

SACRED REST gives a unique look into the physical and spiritual sides of rest. Sanctuary isn’t simply a place; it’s a state of being.


The Nue Co.
Water Therapy

the nue co

Water Therapy – this is the latest wellbeing fragrance from the Nue co and it’s addictive! As a perfume or a room mist it’s soothing and calming – a real feel good effect based on the healing power of water.

No2 Eau de Parfum


Stories no 2 is a grown up fragrance that entices with a blend of Bulgarian rose, cardamom, green tea, cedar wood, Tonya bean and patchouli…it’s elegant, sensual  and it’s unisex.


D.O.R. Beauty Edit
Powerful Woman Flower Essence


powerful woman

It’s time to step into your power. This flower essence is for those times when you wish to awaken and tap into your true feminine power.

Lalah Delia
Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power

It’s time to step into your power. This flower essence is for those times when you wish to awaken and tap into your true feminine power.

Chopra App
Meditation, ayurveda and self care


Support your mind, body, and spirit no matter what the season may bring with the Chopra App.

Men’s Picks… 

Morning & Night Male Supplement

Who doesn’t want more energy, better rest, great skin and outer health from within?  This supplement is a scientifically proven blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, quality omegas and essential nutrients

Real Luxuries Set

This relaxing collection contains a Real Luxury Scented Candle and Magnesium Body Butter. The perfect way to relax and unwind with the purest possible essential oils.