Applying hair oil on a regular basis can increase lubrication of the shaft and therefore help prevent hair breakage. It can help prevent split ends, as well as giving hair shine, helping to detangle as well as enhancing your hair oils.

All of these hair oils do all this… along with a little something extra, making these a little extra special and a great addition to your haircare routine.

Some quick benefits of a hair oil

  • It can strengthen the hair by increasing its elasticity, meaning it’s less prone to breakage.
  • It can protect your hair against heat damage.
  • Oil hydrates your hair and can prevent frizz.
  • Hair oils can be used in many different ways: as a pre-shampoo treatment, on damp hair to nourish and on dry hair too to add shine and break a gel cast. You can also find specifical oils to treat your scalp too.
  • All hair types can use oils, although make sure you find one that’s for your hair type. It could be too heavy on finer hair types, for example.

Curlsmith Bonding Oil

This powerful hair oil from much loved curly hair brand Curlsmith works to repair the bonds in your hair and seal the cuticle… making this the perfect oil for anyone who has sustained any damage to their hair… heat, colour etc. Love the inclusion of protein to strengthen damaged hair.

What’s in it…

Love the inclusion of PlantSilk ™, a unique next-generation blend of plant-derived esters specifically designed to outperform silicones while being lighter than raw oils. This powerful formula targets hair bonds to seal cuticles and make the hair feel softer and smoother in seconds.

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Gisou Honey Hair Oil

Infuse your hair with honey with this gorgeous hair oil from Gisou.

The hair oil itself has a very unusual texture. It’s like liquid honey, but a hair oil. It’s so unique, the thick, gloopy texture is quite-serum like. Although it feels quite thick, it’s weightless on the hair when applied. Hair feels soft and shiny!

What’s in it…

The magic ingredient in this luxurious hair oil is Mirsalehi Honey from their very own Mirsalehi Bee Garden, formulated to rebuild and repair hair to the core.

Honey is a natural humectant and maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance, resulting in healthy, soft and stronger locks with a silky shine. It will help lock in moisture and help stop that halo of frizz I’m sure you know I’m talking about!

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Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Lipid Shield Restorative Oil 

This beautiful lightweight oil gives your hair shine and strength. Designed to work together to repair bonds inside the cortex and protect against damage by sealing split ends.

What’s in it…

The key ingredient that makes this product so special is the 18-MEA Technology.

18-MEA is a small fatty acid, forming the outermost layer of the lipid layer. Vital for hair health as it provides hair with its hydrophobicity (water-repelling properties). When hair is lacking in 18-MEA, strands absorb too much water which leads to damage, tangles and frizz.

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Bumble and Bumble Repair Oil Serum

As you can see from the name – this oil is also a serum! It’s unique as it combines the best of both worlds in this gorgeous serum-oil texture. It helps to smooth the hair, reducing frizz and over time, strengthening the hair beautifully.

This product is great to apply first before your styling products. It smells absolutely gorgeous.

What’s in it…

Their highest concentration of Honey Bond-Building Complex helps to build new bonds + strengthens and prevents breakage – helping to restore hair from the inside out.

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Virtue Healing Oil

Shake to activate! What makes this oil unique is that in order to activate the formula, you shake it before applying it… unique, right? It has a beautiful smell and is so lightweight on the hair it practically disappears, working its magic behind the scenes to give your hair strength and shine.

What’s in it…

Its unique blend of pure, hydrating super oils including Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Tahitian Tiare Flower oils and Virtue’s hair-healing Alpha Keratin 60ku® (a protein that’s identical to the keratin in your own hair) in one bottle.

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All of these hair oils are lightweight and leave your hair with a beautiful shine… love!