I have certainly become a little bit of a haircare addict. I love researching curly hair products, techniques and tricks to give me the best wash day, and over the last few years my routine has changed as I’ve learnt more about my hair.

One of my favourite things to do is try different styling products and see what results they give, so when I discovered Only Curls, I was excited to see what their cream and gel would be like.

Only Curls London is an independent brand based in London with a passion for curly hair.

Their products, including the styling products, are packed with nourishing ingredients and are also contain:

  • 100% Vegan.

All of their bottles are made from BIO-PLASTIC and are 100% recyclable.

I have been recently trying out the cream and the gel and here are my thought:

So for the purpose of this review, I tried a few different types of routines.  The ways I tried the routine were:

  • Applied my primer, then the cream, then the gel. Then I diffused my hair.
  • I also tried applying my primer, then a mousse and the gel, then diffused.

By doing so, I wanted to test how the products held up under different circumstances.

The first thing I will say is that both products certainly feels moisturising on the hair.

Together, these products do work well together to give you balanced, soft to touch curls. It doesn’t give you a crunchy cast which was a bit of a surprise as it’s something I’ve gotten used to with curly hair gels and products. If you’re someone who likes a stronger hold – I found that the mouse helps that a little (but it’s still not crunchy.)

I applied a generous amount of the products in sections to ensure even distribution. It gave me definition and my hair did look and feel nice and soft whilst still being defined. I also appreciated that unlike some gels, it did actually give me volume in the roots.

One big difference that I noticed with this product was how the curls held up. These products are very lightweight – and I noticed that unlike with some other hair gels, my curls did not start to drop after a few days post wash. Their remained bouncy and after reactivating them with a little water and gel, they remained defined and shiny, which I loved. Even 4 days post wash – and I still felt like I had volume in my roots as the formulas are lightweight.

It definitely doesn’t weight the hair down, even when I applied both products and quite a lot of each at that, which is really nice. When I used mousse with the gel, it helped to give a slightly stronger hold and enhanced volume in the roots.

They also have a lovely light coconut scent.

Hydrating Curl Creme

The cream feels very lightweight and if you feel like your hair needs some moisture, this is a great product to help give your hair the nourishment that it needs. It also feels so lightweight that you shouldn’t be worried about it weighing your hair down, which is something that can happen with other hair gels. Even finer hair types may find this a good one.

Key ingredients:

  • Shea Butter – a great source to provide moisture to damaged or dry hair
  • Marula Oil – it will help to nourish the hair without leaving it greasy
  • Aloe vera – acts as a great conditioner to leave the hair silky and shiny.

Enhancing Curl Gel

If you like a really tight hold with a crunchy cast that you scrunch out, you’ll find this to be a very different experience and it’s perhaps not as strong a hold as you would normally get with a product that does that.  If you like a really strong hold, then pairing these products with some mousse is the way forward. It plays well with mousse!

But this product does give you touchably soft and glossy curls. These products are not just styling products, they will also work to nourish and boost your hair strands – which in the long run, leads to better more defined curls… which is really what you want after all! It doesn’t feel sticky or leave any weird reside or flake in the hair either.

Key ingredients:

  • Avocado Oil – extremely rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, making it one of few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair, rather than sitting on top and coating your hair
  • Kukui Oil – creates a shimmering gloss on the hair that helps keep humidity out and your hair glossy and smooth.
  • Aloe vera – acts as a great conditioner to leave the hair silky and shiny.

Overall, I have been enjoying using these products to give my hair a treat and give me voluminous, glossy curls. If you’re looking for absolute definition and precise curls and prefer that look, then perhaps pairing this with another product is the way forward as it definitely is more of a medium hold. I also love the nourishing ingredients too so I feel like my hair is being treated as it’s being styled!

Jessica x

Buy the Hydrating Curl Creme for £16 from Only Curls
Buy the Enhancing Curl Gel for £16 from Only Curls