Super Hold Hair Styling with Curlsmith!

Super Hold Hair Styling with Curlsmith!

Who else can relate to this? You’ll have a great wash day and your hair looks fabulous… but it quickly drops out, the curls unravelling before your eyes.curlmsith

After many seemingly successful wash days, but with no real longevity, I’ve been on the hunt for products that give that little bit extra hold to help me to extend my washday beyond day one… and this is my current favourite routine for curls that are defined and hold their own for days!

Individually, all of these products all give strong hold and can be used on their own, but together is when the magic happens. There’s something about this combination for me that gives me those crunchy curls that I can scrunch out to give me definition, all the while holding their shape for longer than ever before.

Let me walk you through a hair routine to get the most juicy, defined curls that last for days…

Curlsmith Invincible Volume Mousse

I like to start with the lovely Curlsmith Invincible Volume Mousse.

This has a very creamy, soft, moussey texture. You don’t need to use a lot as it expands and has a good hold all on its own. This mousse will also help give your hair volume, so I like to focus the mousse a little closer to the roots.

Key ingredients

  • Plant based stem cell complex: Known to nourish the hair cortex, plumping from the inside out thanks to its blend of Olive Stem cell extract and Linden buds for fuller, thicker & bouncier curls.
  • Ivy leaf: Known to be a moisturization agent.
  • Linseed: Full of fatty-acids and anti-oxidants which are known to soften the hair and help give it an increased shine.
  • Chamomilla Flower: A softening agent known for its soothing and hydrating properties.

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In-Shower Style Fixer Gel

Next, I like to use the In-Shower Style Fixer Gel for maximum hold. Hair still needs to be soaking wet – glaze this thick gel over your hair and then brush style to ensure all strands are coated.

This is the strongest hold gel I’ve ever used and is not for the faint hearted! You don’t need to overdo it with the amount of gel you use and make sure to use plenty of water to activate and help spread the product.

Some people like to use gel first then mousse: experiment and see what works for you.

Then I diffuse the hair to help seal everything in place.  Your hair will be very crunchy and frozen in place with this gel, but don’t worry: once you scrunch out the crunch you’re left with juicy, defined curls.

Key ingredients…

  • Blend of styling agents that create a strong cast to offer humidity protection, frizz control, extreme definition and long-lasting hold.
  • Avocado oil: One of the few oils that can penetrate the hair, delivering intense moisture from within.
  • Apricot kernel oil: Obtained from the seeds of the fruit, this light oil is an incredible moisturizer rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Sunflower oil: Lightweight oil rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, great to add shine and make the hair soft.

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Curlsmith Flawless Finish Hair Spray – Strong Hold

When the hair is nearly dry, or even when it’s completely dry, this is when to use a hair spray, just to give that little extra bit of grit and hold to the hair. It’ll really help lock in the cast, to help protect against humidity and ensure your hair stays in place! Unlike traditional hair sprays, this is packed with hair loving ingredients like vitamin B5 and a polymer blend and no drying alcohols.

I’ve been really enjoying using this hair spray and it really makes a difference.

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Other tips…

Want to refresh between washes? I find it easiest to use a little bit of the gel, spraying it with water and then glazing over my curls, reshaping any wonky ones. The water will also help to reactivate all the products already in the hair and the gel will ensure that your curls are reset.

Need a little more moisture? Use some leave-in conditioner or a curl cream under the mousse and gel, particularly important if you have heat damage or colour treated hair.

You can also break the cast by using an oil or a serum, this will also give an extra shine, but you can break the cast with just your hands too.

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