Wow Beauty’s Star Picks – August 2018

Wow Beauty’s Star Picks – August 2018

It’s that time of the month again and there are so many amazing products out there! Here’s a little sneak peek into what we’ve been loving in the month and what you might be seeing in upcoming reviews. These may not all be new products, but they’re usually new to us and we’ve been loving them. These are our Star Picks for August!

Naturally Tribal – AYA Body Food

We love shea butter products and were excited to discover this brand Naturally Tribal whose products are based on shea butter, coconut and West African Kola nut. This IYA Body Food is nourishing and deeply moisturising thanks to the high levels of shea butter, it leaves your skin looking and feeling soft, moist and lightly scented of bergamot.

Vanderohe – Body Serum

This is no ordinary body oil – it is more of a body elixir, a blend of body oil and body serum. This sinks into the skin with such ease-one minute it’s there and then voilà- it’s disappeared and you’re left with silky soft, scented skin. Seriously this formulation leaves my skin feeling moist, nourished and just lush after application. Absolutely gorgeous. In fact, we’ve been loving it so much it already has a review this month! Check it out here.

Cantu – Leave-in Conditioning Cream