7 Seriously Detoxifying Face Masks!

7 Seriously Detoxifying Face Masks!

We all love a good hydrating product to make the skin feel soft and glowing. But sometimes you need something that will give your skin a serious clean and exfoliation and that is when I reach for a detox mask like one of these… to purify the skin and reveal the glow underneath. These masks use key ingredients such as clay and charcoal to detoxify the skin and draw out toxins along with a mix of other fab ingredients, but also won’t dry the skin out in the process.

sukin anti pollution

Sukin Detoxing Clay Masque

Fortified with purified bamboo charcoal, willow herb and roobis tea, this mask delivers deep pore cleansing action and detoxifies your skin from dirt and other nasty substances. It also contains antioxidant white tea, bilberry and quince to promote cell renewal, prevent breakouts and absorb excess sebum will leave the skin feeling soft and cleaned.

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Emma Hardie Pink Clay Detox Mask

This offering from the ever innovative Emma Hardie is designed to deep clean, exfoliate and clarify while at the same time adding moisture. It has a creamy consistency that is easy to apply and smells gorgeous too. One of the things that I like about this is that while it does dry … it doesn’t actually dry into a hard “my face is going to crack” mask…you just rinse it off using a face cloth or muslin and voila…deep cleansed, pore minimised moist feeling skin.

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emma hardie mask
the ordinary mask

The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

This fab masque is for blemish prone skin and is formulated with Vegetable Charcoal, Amazonian Clays and Squalane to deeply clean the skin, with the Squalane working to nourish the skin.

There is a slight tingle when using this mask – which is the Salicylic Acid working it’s magic, but it doesn’t leave any redness – just smooth, glowing skin.

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Goldfaden facial detox clear mask

Love the way that my combination skin looks after using this: it purifies my complexion leaving my skin smooth and radiant, with my pores looking less obvious. Next I love the fact that it contains camphor and sulphur ….it feels amazing on the skin… cool, comforting and refreshing. If you like the scent of camphor you’ll love this. That this is for problem/ oily skins but it works well for combination skins too.

goldfaden md
niod myrrh clay

NIOD Myrrh Clay

Put simply it delivers: It brightens, it firms and tightens and pores look way better. It’s already mixed so you just have to scoop some out and apply the thick paste to your face.

Myrrh Clay combines a highly-purified myrrh with isolated polyphenols from strawberry leaves (Ayurveda), concentrated Wu Zhu Yu (from traditional Chinese medicine), in a nutrient base of humic-rich peat and Indian Multani Mitti clay.

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Inner Senses Vibrant earth Revitalising Detox Mask

This little pot of earth coloured powder is a deceptively powerful blend of ingredients that both revitalise, deep clean and clarify the skin. This includes ingredients like ..
Activated Coconut Charcoal to draw bacteria and toxins, balance oiliness and minimise breakouts
Hibiscus Flowers to brighten and exfoliate
Cacao which is packed with antioxidant flavonoids to minimise free radical damage and repair damaged skin  
How to use:

Instructions: To apply simply activate a heaped teaspoon of powder with just shy of equal parts water or floral hydrosol to form a soft, rich paste. Add a drop or two of facial oil to improve texture if desired.  Smooth generously over skin until opaque, avoiding eyes.

Spritz or sprinkle with water if the mask starts drying out, do not allow it to dry out fully. Leave on for 15-20 mins and before removing add a little water and gently scrub the mask in small circular motions to exfoliate. Rinse face clean with warm water. Follow with your favourite facial oil/serum.

Use once or twice per week for optimum results

inner senses detox
pure mask

PURE Rhassoul Paste with Rose Otto and Argan oil

This gorgeous rose scented mask is a blend of organic Rhassoul Paste created, Argan oil and Rose Otto oil. Rhassoul clay is a naturally occurring clay that has been in use for centuries in its native Morocco.It is rich in minerals like  silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium.
This mask is designed to soothe, tone, purify and detoxify blemished skin, without dryness or irritation while at the same time hydrating and rejuvenating. I love the way that it leaves my skin looking smooth and refined.
Apply and leave for up to 15 minutes, then rinse.

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