Do you have thin, stumpy lashes and have always wanted to do something about it? Well, this is something I have had trouble with for years. I have always had very straight eyelashes that haven’t been that short, but they have felt quite thin and limp. For years, I have been on the hunt for a mascara that even seems to show up on my lashes… quite often they’ll look no different even with mascara and they can’t hold a curl for very long, so even curling them doesn’t make much of a  difference. I have even considered getting them permed or tinted, but to be completely honest… I have a little issue with things being too close to my eye so the idea of those things fills me with a little bit of terror. So I decided (a little skeptically, I might add), to try out eyelash serums… and I have found something that has made the world of difference to my lashes. Let’s talk about the Rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum!

Since using this serum my eyelashes even seem to be curlier and hold a curl more effectively. Applying mascara is a dream now – they look long and gorgeous and it’s like I’m using false lashes, which is something I’ve always dreamed about. Now when I look up, my eyelashes touch my eyelids a little which is how I really noticed that they’ve grown. These days, I can go out with just a quick swipe of mascara and you can actually see it on my eyes.

It took a while before I noticed any difference – they say it will take a month before you will notice the effects and that is certainly true. Sometimes I will skip it for a few days, even a week and my eyelashes don’t instantly start falling out or looking thin, but I like to use this consistently. It’s just one quick step before I go to bed – I just swipe this over my eyelashes before I jump into bed.

Here’s a picture of what my lashes looked a month after using it consistently. Since then, I have seen further improvement and I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s what Rapidlash have to say about how their product works: ‘RapidLash® contains Hexatein™ 1 Complex, a blend of lash-enhancing ingredients, which work together to target eyelashes from every angle. RapidLash® helps to fight damaging environmental elements and premature fallout by nourishing and strengthening lashes.’

Key ingredients

  • Polypeptides, comprised of beneficial amino acids, help protect against breakage
  • Biotin (Pro-vitamin B7 / Vitamin H), an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking, youthful lashes and brows
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5) helps coat the lashes and brows and seal in moisture and nourishment for improved overall appearance
  • Amino Acids help boost the protein structure, resulting in healthier-looking appearance of lashes and brows
  • Soybean Oil, rich in vitamins, helps impart sheen and luster to lashes and brows making them appear lush and beautiful
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract, high in vitamins and minerals, helps balance and enhance the appearance of lashes and brows

How to use: Swipe it across the base of your lashline on a clean, dry eye. It is recommended that you wait for this to dry before applying anything else. You only need to use this once a day so you just need to apply this before bed.

One thing to mention: The eyelashes on the left side of my face are a little more sparse and a have a little gap between my lashes – I was hoping that the serum would help ‘fill in’ this gap, but sadly it hasn’t made much of a different. It’s not that noticeable to others, but I just wanted to mention that I don’t think you will see a huge transformation if you have very sparse lashes.

I have already bought a second tube and will be continuing to use this in the evening to keep my lashes strong and healthy. The only downside is that if you do stop using it, your lashes will go back to how they were before… but I have no intention of stopping!

Jessica x

Buy Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for £39.98 from Sally Beauty

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