Let me start by admitting something – I love the name of this new face cream from Alpha H – think what you like about me but there ’s something about the name – ‘Multivitamin Super Cream’ that makes me want to slather it on my skin immediately!

I suppose I am thinking that it will provide me with super skin (well as it’s by Alpha H, it is very possible). In a world where we are increasingly surrounded by the benefits of taking vitamins for skin, hair and general health it is hardly surprising that we’d be seduced by the idea of a super vitamin face cream is it?

Vitamin enhanced skincare isn’t new to Alpha H after all they got an impressive range of vitamin C rooms in their vitamin E profiling range – they call this a multivitamin in a jar – I love it!

This luscious cream is designed to optimise cellular function and to defend the skin against those nasty oxidants as well as boosting hydration – this is just the cream you need in your positive ageing toolkit especially as we start to make the journey from summer into fall.

What’s in the Alpha H Multivitamin Super Cream?

5% Glycolic Acid, Argan Stem Cells, Chia, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Matrixryl 6

What’s to love?

  • The gorgeous silky and luxurious texture that your skin will simply drink in plus the fact that there are no silicones.
  • The way that your skin will feel after application moist and hydrated which last for several hours.
  • The way that it makes your skin look after application – radiant and nourished.

What does the brand say

  • Smoothes the skin, restores radiance and luminosity.
  • The  Raised pH maximises moisturising potential and eases tingling on application.
  • Reduces surface pigment, softening the appearance of sun spots and sun damage.
  • Rebuilds the scaffolding of the skin resulting in a plumper and more youthful skin tone

How to use it:

Just apply to clean dry skin in the evenings… if you are a liquid gold user, use this on alternate nights.

I have to confess that I’ve used it as a day cream as well… it’s just so great!

The Alpha H Multi-Vitamin Super Cream is £45 from Cult Beauty