Boost your skin with Korres Wild Rose Vit C Booster 

Boost your skin with Korres Wild Rose Vit C Booster 

As a Vitamin C addict, I couldn’t wait to start trialling this latest offering from Greek Natural skincare Brand Korres.

This wild rose advanced brightening bi-phase booster is 15% vitamin C and this is part of a bigger wild rose range. This range combines precious Wildrose oil with super vitamin C. What is super vitamin C I hear you ask? Well, according to the brand it is a highly stabilised form of vitamin C that is easier for the skin to absorb.

According to the brand this booster which is powered by five times clinical efficacy level of pure vitamin C combined with the wild Rose oil will help to improve the appearance of dark spots dullness as well as help to reduce the signs of early ageing and fatigue to reveal spotless and luminous skin – well who is going to say no to that?

What’s to like

This is a pale pink rose scented liquid that you have to shake in order to blend the oil with the other potent actives – I have to say I quite enjoy the process of shaking it and then applying it to my skin it feels lovely and light in my hand but when applied to my skin it behaves more like a face oil…you then massage it in, its easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling super moisturised and super glowy.

This would be your first product after cleansing and you can use another serum over the top of it as well depending on your skins needs. This proves to be enough for my combination skin followed by moisturiser.

What else is in it?

Apart from the wild rose oil and the super vitamin C this also contains:

  • sea fern & sand Lily – are good for dealing with pigmentation and uneven skintone.
  • vegetable squalene – soothing and hydrating
  • vitamin B five and vitamin E – antioxidant
  • Moringa seed oil – nourishing
  • ginger root extract – antioxidant, and toning.
  • It’s free from nasties

What does it do?

The brand says that used day and night for 7 days you’ll notice a difference, so I used this daily for 8 days and I’ve really enjoyed using this formula. The combination of the light as air texture, the soft rose scent and the ease of application is a winner. My skin loved the way that this left it feeling nourished and moist and there was definitely an impressive amount of glow.

Buy the oil from Sainsburys for £46

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