Let’s face it winter can really leave our skin dry and desperate for some TLC.  Although spring is in the air and the temperature is milder, we still have to deal with the long lasting effects of cold, damp weather and central heating so when these lush beauties arrived from ‘Kind Natured’ a fab UK based natural skincare brand we knew that we’d have to share them with you.

What’s to love 

This brand are passionate about making formulations that meet a 97% natural promise: so they are paraben, sulphate and petrochemical free plus they retail at amazingly affordable prices, allowing everyone who is committed to natural skincare to indulge ….LOVE THAT!

The scrub

I love a good body scrub, there’s nothing better than the smooth silky feel of freshly exfoliated skin. I tried the moisturising Coconut, Shea and Manoi foaming sugarscrub and it smells so good …I mean amazing, like a tropical paradise scent and of course this is thanks to the fact that natural sugar crystals have been blended with moisturising Coconut and Monoi and some Shea butter.

Coconut is known for its moisturising ability as well as for helping to prevent skin ageing, thanks to its high antioxidant levels.

Manoi oil is famous not just for its heavenly scent but also for its ability to quickly penetrate and hydrate the skin. In actual fact it’s made by soaking Tahitian Gardenia flower petals in coconut oil.

What’s to like…

It’s a good natural scrub, that does what it says it will do: it exfoliates and smooths dry skin, with the added bonus of a heavenly scent. I have to say that it doesn’t foam up for me, but that’s fine as the exfoliation is most important. This is a good scrub and although I’m not including it in my body scrub hall of fame I would buy it and recommend it for the quality of the ingredients and the price …you get a lot of product for under £6.00.

The lotion

I opted to try the the Shea and Macadamia body lotion which is meant for very dry skin. Again this is full of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids which are perfect for providing moisture to dry skin.

I have a tendency to dry skin especially on my legs, so I often opt for oils or rich body creams or butters as opposed to lotions, simply because it’s rare for me to find a lotion that is rich enough to satisfy my skin…I realise that this makes me sound as if I have crocodile skin, but I don’t.

What’s to like…

Now this lotion is lovely, it feels good, it smells good and it’s a pure formula with no nasties, plus it is easy to apply and sinks into the skin easily …but it’s not rich enough to satisfy my skin, however it works a treat for the rest of team Wow leaving them with happy moisturised skin (I’m hoping that Kind Natured will bring out a body butter in the future) Again you get a lot of product for under £5.00

Loving what this brand offers and will continue to use their products

Available from kind Natured for £4.99