I have been curious about essences for a while but I’ve stayed away from them because I generally believe that more often than not ‘less is more’ in skincare. However I was fortunate to be able to attend the launch of Filorga new range of  ‘NCTF Reverse’ products designed with positive ageing in mind. The range included this essence which is designed to be used after cleansing. I have to say that when I tried it on my hand I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and moist it left it and was keen to try more of it at home.
This essence is designed to be used after cleansing and before the rest of your skincare products. (in case you’re not aware the idea of using essences originates from the Korean skincare model) it took me a while to start using this because of course once I got this home I temporarily reverted to my ‘less is more’ mindset and left it sitting on my ‘products to try’ shelf for a good couple of months and then suddenly one day I did one of  my mega cleanses and at the end of it all felt like I needed something to add moisture to my skin that wasn’t a serum. Basically I wanted to apply something that was hydrating but that wasn’t a serum or an oil and then I remembered this! (This actually reminds me of the Shiseido softening lotion are used to use way back when)
This lush blush pink liquid has a specific consistency to it so it is more viscous than water and is really soft and silky with a lovely light scent which I can’t really identify. Any way I gave it a gentle shake and poured  about three or four drops into my hand and proceeded to press it into my face and neck…it felt sooo goood. In fact my skin slurped it up so I went for  gold and applied another layer about five minutes later and I’ve been applying it pretty much everyday since then because my combination 40+ skin loves it.
Yes I’m still an advocate for ‘less is more’ skincare and on an average day I am still managing to keep my regime down to 4 products maybe five at best: cleanser, toner, essence, and my serum or a face oil and then of course spf.
This range is designed as a positive ageing range and this essence is designed to provide moisture and radiance with its potent mix of vitamin C Amino acids minerals and antioxidants apart from these ingredients it also uses ‘NCTF Reverse’ which was developed by Filorga as a polyrevitalising complex which is basically meant to mimic the effects of having mesotherapy without the injection.
So if you are looking for a product that will hydrate, nourish and add radiance to your skin as well as improve the efficacy of your other skincare products then this might just be what you are looking for! Also a little goes a long way.