Beauties… our favourite salons are still closed so let’s recreate a little salon experience with some gorgeous beauty tools to help you take your skincare to the next level!

Today we thought we’d share with you some beauty tools that you can find over in our shop… let’s talk about them.

Casa Mencarelli’s Organic Cotton Face Cloth

For us, the Wow Beauty team, face cloths are an absolute essential and there’s always a rotating stack of cloths going from the bathroom to the washing machine to keep things clean and fresh. They’re the perfect tool to help really buff away at the skin, provide some gentle exfoliation and really help get all that last bit of cleanser and dirt from the skin.

From our lovely Italian skincare brand Casa Mencarelli, you can purchase this set of three face clothes which are absolutely fab.

These face cloths are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides, and free from bleach. They are made in respect of the environment and it is naturally biodegradable.

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Saint Iris Adriatica’s Masking Brush

If you’re into masks, this is something for you… Saint Iris Adriatica have a beautiful body brush that uses the finest cruelty-free synthetic fibres to make applying a mask a real luxurious experience. Although this is designed as a body brush, it can of course also be used on the face. You could also use this to apply other products to your body. It would be great to apply a body shimmer product for example – perfect to help buff it into the skin perfectly and evenly without leaving you with glittery hands!

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Casa Mencarelli’s Wooden Vegan Mask Brush

Face mask brushes are a fantastic way to ensure that your product stays sanitized as you don’t need to dip your fingers into the product. I also find that it makes application easier and just generally a nicer experience… particularly when a brush is soft and luxurious, like this one from Casa Mencarelli is.

This exclusive and luxurious vegan mask brush is made in Italy specially for Casa Mencarelli. It is made with wood, aluminium and synthetic vegan hair, and is the perfect accompaniment to your mask routine.

Buy the Wooden Face Brush for £10 from The DOR Beauty Edit