Okay so here’s the thing. Pretty much every beauty fiend has a mist in their skincare collection. We all love the idea of adding extra moisture to our skin by picking up a bottle of pretty water and spritzing it on our face throughout the day on a flight pre-face oil, or just as a post make up setting ritual.

Up until recently, most of these facial mists were essentially just water the better ones having some floral essence or extra hydration qualities: but the fact is that in reality many of these mists, because they have so much water in them, often served to dehydrate the skin long-term instead of the desired effect of extra hydration. But fear no more! The new generation of facial mists of really more than just mists… they are game changers! Real skincare game changers! 

They promise to moisturise, regenerate, renew, increase hydration, plumpness, and glow. They also protect us against antioxidants and pollution… wow! And you know what? It’s kind of true for many of them they actually feel different on the skin. After they settle, the skin is not left feeling dry or dehydrated; it actually feels loved and nourished and that is due to the kind of ingredients that have been included. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, various essential oils etc… So here’s our selection of game-changing mists!

Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist

I can’t help but love the name of this product magic moisture mist. This is designed to be a liquid moisturiser I have to say, it really does work that way. Actually, it is quite addictive. But its also an antioxidant working to shield the skin from external aggressors.

This product is a blend of oil and water elements. So as you can imagine, it is hydrating, nourishing and feels really good on the skin. It also smells fantastic …perfect a little bit of mindful beauty. You just need to shake it up before spraying to mix together the oil and water. 

The magic comes from a lush blend of skin nurturing ingredients which include rose, geranium, sweet orange, lavender, rosehip and avocado to name but a few, as well as Vit E to fight those pesky free radicals. Now, of course, as with all good brands, they have a product the secret ingredient and in this one, it is the brands patented healing concentrate.

This mist comes out as a very fine luxurious spray that your skin will just love. 

The brand says this mist is: “A liquid moisturiser powered by an innovative, two-phase formula to instantly hydrate and revitalise parched skin. When combined, the oil and water phases provide weightless hydration, enriching the skin with pollution defying, antioxidant plant stem cells as well as nourishing, regenerative essential oils.”

It’s alcohol-free and the brand is cruelty free.

 Zelens Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist

As a brand, Zelens never fails to innovate and they are on to another winner with this facial mist. This mist harnesses the power of a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to boost the skin. Now, this mist is designed to rebalance the skin by strengthening the skin barriers and replenishing its moisture, while at the same time protecting it against environmental stress.

The magic in this comes from:

  • Prebiotics – derived from sugar molecules, beetroot and corn. The prebiotic’s help to rebalance the skin’s microflora as well as improving the skin’s radiance.
  • Probiotics – a blend of five different probiotics are used in this mist again enhances the recovery of the skin’s barrier function and promotes the natural skin renewal process.
  • Amino acid complex – this helps to draw moisture from the environment, keeping the skin moisturised and supports natural collagen and elastin production.
  • Plant humectants- is aimed at sealing in moisture and limiting moisture loss and water loss in the skin helping to promote the production of hyaluronic acid and of course reducing the signs of ageing.
  • Shiso leaf – a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory helps prevent skin reactivity and soothe sensitive skins.

The brand says this mist is: “A multi-benefit treatment facial mist supercharged with a unique symbiotic blend of prebiotics and probiotics. This rebalancing mist supports the skin’s natural defences, strengthens the skin’s barrier, replenishes moisture and helps to calm and soothe the skin.”

Bybi Beauty Mega Mist

This offering by new brand Bybi is jam-packed with skin loving goodies. The number one skin loving goody and this one is, of course, you guessed it, hyaluronic acid, dehydrated skin’s best friend! Why? Because it offers huge doses of moisture which makes it able to plump, soften and improve the look of your skin pretty quickly (which is why we all using hyaluronic serums and creams as fast as we can get our hands on them).

This mist can be used as a toner after cleansing as well as a traditional facial mist at any time of the day that you feel that your skin needs a boost. Of course, it is useful when travelling too. Oh yes and it smells pretty …of soft florals.

The brand says: “Mega Mist truly quenches thirsty skin and can be used as a traditional toner after cleansing or facial mist to perk up dry skin at any point throughout the day.”

What’s in this one?

Hyaluronic acid, Rose flower water, bitter orange flower water, glycerin, good old lactic acid amongst other things.

As a bonus, there’s no alcohol and the brand is cruelty free!

Verso Anti Pollution Mist 

This mist from Swedish brand Verso is designed to protect strengthen and moisturise the skin. It is designed to help protect our skin from environmental stressors like pollution and oxidants, simply by stopping polluting metals and gases from penetrating our skin… Rather like a shield. This mist is designed to in the morning after your skincare routine and before or after makeup: then you are shielded.  

How does it do this? Apparently thanks to its special ‘metal binding polymer’ it binds metals together to prevent them from interacting with our skin …love this idea.

Whats in it? 

Mainly the metal binding polymer mentioned above. One of the unique things about this brand Verso which was founded in 2013 is that they use as little ingredients as possible, they are more interested in making sure that we have effective products that are not ingredient heavy! 

The brands says their mist works by: “Binding metals to prevent their interaction with the skin, Verso Anti-Pollution strengthens the skin’s natural defence against oxidative stress and improves its ability to detoxify.”

Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist is £65 from Look Fantastic
The Zelens Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic facial mist is £48 from Cult Beauty
Bybi Beauty Mega Mist is £26 from Beauty Bay
Verso’s Anti Pollution Mist is £45 from Cult Beauty

(*PR gift/sample)