It’s that time again ….summer is but a distant memory and we are being catapulted through autumn and into winter.

Have you noticed that we spend a lot of time focusing on the skincare that our faces need …serums, face oils and moisturising creams etc..?

The question is how much time do we spend focusing on the other 90% of our body skin?….not so much huh? So why are we so surprised when we discover that our legs and arms are parched and in some instances scaly when we strip off those opaque and skinny jeans? Just think about being beach ready all year round…just in case.


Exfoliating is an unsung hero when it comes to bodycare in my humble opinion. Essentially exfoliating your body offers exactly the same benefits that exfoliating your face does, namely removes dead, dry skin leaving soft, smooth skin that is perfectly primed to benefit from moisturiser. You can use a traditional body scrub, often sugar or salt based or an exfoliating cream that may contain acids like lactic …..or an exfoliating glove at least once a week….you’ll love the results!

body scrubs

Try the Ameliorate transforming body scrub: this is a treatment lotion that uses AHA’s to exfoliate the skin, whilst also moisturising!

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Love this physical scrub from Nuxe. It’s full of Honey, Sugar Crystals and Precious Oils to gently exfoliate as well as nourish the skin.

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This Caudalie crushed cabernet scrub is lush, with crushed grape-seeds and 6 essential oils to smooth and soften the skin.

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Body oils are a great way of providing nourishment to your limbs, the secret is to choose a formula that is easily absorbed so that you’re not left battling to get rid of oily residue. We are spoilt for Choice when it comes to body oils and it all boils down to personal preference ….there are some gorgeously scented essential oil blends, some equally lush plant based formulas and some ultra simple unfragranced blends. Some formulas are designed as treatment oils and contain ingredients that help to tone the skin, or detox.

Tip: oils work well on damp (not wet) skin

treatment oils

Aromatherapy Body Oils

This Awakening Body Oil from Inner Senses contains some of my favourite essential oils …frankincense, Rose Otto and Rosewood all of which are known for their grounding qualities, making it perfect for when you want some quiet time and is great for ‘mindful moments’
The Vanderohe Enhancing Body Serum is no ordinary body oil – it is more of a body elixir, a blend of body oil and body serum. This sinks into the skin with such ease-one minute it’s there and then voilà- it’s disappeared and you’re left with silky soft, scented skin.
The Afro Hair & Skin Awaken Reviving Body Treatment oil is a mind and body oil designed to encourage the practice of self-care thanks to its gentle but powerful aroma and its luscious blend of Bitter Orange Blossom (Neroli) which supports faster healing of skin and the powerful antioxidant Lime Peel Oil.
body oils

Treatment oils: 

You could try the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment oil – it’s a fab firming body oil that tones and improves elasticity, ideal for stretch marks removal
This lovely Body Treatment Oil from Votary London This is a lush blend of Gold infused cold pressed and essential oils….yes I said gold…real gold. This multitasking body oil also includes deeply rejuvenating, Marula, Frankincense, Rose and Helichrysum in its Ingredients list. is designed as an intensive SOS treatment used to target patches of dry or dull skin, the kind that can sometimes appear on the upper arms, backs of thighs, elbows, knees etc..These patches can sometimes be smoothed by using a good exfoliator but sometimes you need extra help… and this is perfect for that.
This 79 Lux Golden Oil is a lush blend of Gold infused cold pressed and essential oils….yes I said gold…real gold. This multitasking body oil also includes deeply rejuvenating, Marula, Frankincense, Rose and Helichrysum in its Ingredients list.
79 Lux

Body creams/lotions

If you’re not an oil lover, then you can’t beat a good moisturising cream or lotion. Many contain ingredients like Shea butter or cocoa butter which are known for their ability to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin.
body products
Also love the 79 Lux Body Balm, Karen’s original product.  I like to call this a delightful and game changing body care product…because it proves that nourished and moisturised skin does not equate to greasy shiny skin. The new school of body moisturising products are designed to work at a deeper level using ingredients that offer long term improvement. 79 Lux is one of those…this is a body balm…not quite a cream and not quite a lotion and it delivers.
The Daughter of the Soil Shea Body Butter is a perfect balance of Shea Butter and other skin-loving ingredients like Sweet Almond, Sunflower and Grapeseed Oil.
Just the mention of sandalwood gets me all giddy! I just love it! This body lotion from leading Ayurvedic brand Urban Veda is one of my must-haves. Sandalwood is known for its grounding qualities.

Foot Creams

Let’s not forget our feet: we often focus on buying hand creams but not foot creams …let’s face our feet work hard but it doesn’t take too much effort to keep them soft and smooth.

foot creams

The lush Prismologie Foot Cream is rich enough to moisture and soften dry feet thanks to the inclusion of wild mango butter and blackcurrent seed oil while the Oud scent leaves them gorgeously scented.

Kiss The Moon recently launched their new Dream Foot Cream …which is a night cream for the feet. Love it! This is designed by the fab Kiss the Moon team to work on several levels the first being to encourage restful sleep through the inclusion of ingredients that sit well on the ultimate relaxation oils list, such as lavender, bergamot and chamomile.