Beauties, the weather has changed… it’s starting to get colder and I bet there’s some of you out there that have started to put the central heating on already!

With the change in weather, it’s an opportunity for you to also change up your skincare, as skin can often look a little dull in those winter months… a mix of the harsher weather, the central heating and other factors can come into play.

One thing we’re going to focus on in this post is how to keep hydrated… from the inside out. This can really help to give you that ‘summer glow’ as well as really boosting your internal health.

Consistently hydrated skin needs to be approached from the inside out. Essentially if you’re not ensuring that you’re adequately hydrated internally on a daily basis then whatever you put on your skin will only be a temporary short term fix. We are made up of 60 % water after all!


It’s very easy as we leave summer behind and autumn/winter beckons to want to drink more tea and coffee (which are dehydrating) and less water.

Try drinking a mug or two of warm or hot water first thing in the morning before your tea, coffee or infuse your water with fruit, lemon for example.

If you are a tea/coffee drinker try to match every cuppa with a glass of water to help maintain your hydration levels.

Consider drinks that are high in electrolytes which are minerals that help to maintain the right balance of fluids. For example coconut water has the same level of electrolytes as many of the drinks sold to use after a workout. But if you’re not into that, consider some of fab sachets that you can add to your water that replace electrolytes and contain other skin boosting goodies.

To really make sure you’re getting enough hydration everyday, supplements can also come into play.


Rejuvenated: H30 Hydration

These sachets contain essential minerals and ions including hyaluronic acid that help the water to travel to the cells faster plus trans resveratrol which is a super antioxidant. Not only does this deliver effective hydration, your skin will be plumper and better hydrated, energy will improve and you’ll be protecting your cells from the effects of oxidative stress!

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Symprove Probiotic

This is one of Denise’s favourite probiotics… because healthy skin starts from a healthy body and taking care of your gut health is so important!

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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion

Not everyone likes using a liquid probiotic, so this is another suggestion – this time in capsule form

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BetterYou DLux 3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray

In the winter, we have less sun so making sure to top up with a supplement is a fabulous way to ensure that you get all the vitamin d that your body needs in order to function effectively.

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Red Orchard Organic Vitamin D Gel

This is also an alternative method of taking vitamin d – this time, in a gel.

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Think about updating your cleanser to one that cleanses without stripping your skin of moisture and that leaves your lipid barrier in tact. There are lots of choices available of all different types, so whether you like cleansing balms, cleansing oils, or washes there’s the perfect one for your skin type.

S5 Skincare Neutralise Cleanser

Gorgeous cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the skin barrier whilst being a really effective clean.

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Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Moving into colder days, these are the sort of cleansers I like best – it has more of a balm texture to me which transforms into an oil when it makes contact with the skin. Beautifully rich and filled with antioxidants.

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Inner Senses Tomato and Carror Seed Cleansing Oil

This cleanser will remind you of summer with the scent of fresh mown grass! A lovely and rich oil cleanser to nourish as well and cleanse the skin.

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Exfoliation is key to removing the dead skin cells that prevent your skin from absorbing your serums and moisturiser.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Keep your skin glowing with a liquid exfoliant to remove any build up of dead skin cells. Use at night once a week to see amazing results.