It’s always something to look forward to  when you get an invitation to Emma Hardie product launch, even more so when the lady herself makes an appearance and tells you all about the new product.
On this early September evening in suitably swish surroundings Emma Hardie was launching her new lift and sculpt firming neck treatment and this launch was enhanced by the fact there was a lovely model present for Emma to demonstrate the treatment on so that we could really learn how it’s meant to be used.

Emma’s Brand was born out of her passion for good skin care and good skin maintenance and this is clear when she speaks! She is positively animated as she talks about the effects of positive skincare and educates us on how to keep the skins contours strong and firm.

I love the effects of a good facial massage and Emma is a passionate advocate for the benefits of facial massage which she says can lift, firm and sculpt the face (well I have to admit that I always love the way I look  after had a good half hour facial massage because it mimics the effects of  a few good nights sleep, fresh air and no stress. To be honest I’ve never really paid much attention to my neck and décolleté…I mean sure my skincare kind of makes it down to my neck but NOW I’m paying it more attention.

What is the Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Firming Neck Treatment? 

Well what Emma has created is a product that has a cool rolling massage applicator and top ingredients for rejuvenating the skin including raspberry oil which helps to provide protection and retain moisture hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps and Inca inchi oil which is a rich omega 369 complex plus it contains Neodermyl which is described as a ‘needle free’ collagen & elastin filler & ‘Liftonin – expert’ which activates the production of high-quality collagen.

The Demonstration

Emma then started the demonstration on her model (and it was refreshing that the model was a woman not a girl) One of the things that Emma emphasised throughout was the importance of lymphatic drainage from the face and neck so much so that even when cleansing with the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm, she used lymphatic drainage techniques . FYI you can use the applicator of the neck sculpting product on your face as well for the same sculpting draining effect all you have to do is put it in the off position so that no product Comes out but you can use it with any of your other Emma Hardie skincare.

Interestingly what we did observe is that when Emma had finished working on one side of the model’s face, that side was positively lifted as opposed to the other side which was still normal (I promise you this was not due to the fact that I’d had a glass of Prosecco …we all saw the difference)

The Serum apart from all of the skin nourishing  ingredients described above also has a lovely light reflecting golden sheen to it.
The roller is is designed to improve circulation and is the perfect size for massaging the neck area and feels pleasantly cool and soothing on the skin.

I like this ….

Because having used it for a couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my neck feels and looks gooooood! It never really occurred to me to purchase a dedicated neck product. To be honest until I saw Emmas presentation and was given this to review   I thought that that my neck was fine. However using this has boosted the  hydration levels in my neck, so that it feels nourished, hydrated and more supple, in a different way to when I just slap my moisturiser on, perhaps its the roller technique or the ingredients or the combination of them both …but I like this and will purchase it when this gift is finished.

(*PR gift / sample)

Available for £65.00 here Here