So… Summer is fast approaching and we want to GLOW! We recently discovered the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold Oil collection and have been enjoying them. For the Kardashian fans out there, you might have heard of the Manuka Doctor brand before as Kourtney Kardashian is a huge fan. These beauty oils are designed to nourish and seal in moisture, helping to regain suppleness and elasticity. We love the dropper format and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of gold shimmer in their products to make them feel ready for summer?

One of the key ingredients found in all of the fabulous Manuka Doctor products is Manuka Honey. This is produced in New Zealand and Australia by the bees that pollinate the Manuka bush and is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world – the nutritional content is up to 4 times of that of normal flower honeys. It’s great for the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and healing acne along with and its hydrating properties to help the skin retain moisture, leaving it looking plumper and reducing wrinkles.

This collection includes a eye oil, face oil, hand oil and body oil, all infused with the golden glitter that will instantly catch your eye. It has a very soft, subtle scent of Chamomile and White Floral. All of the products in this range are created with a blend precious oils designed to nourish, protect, strengthen and moisturise your skin – as well as giving you a lovely glow.  Now let’s talk about the products in this range…

24K Gold & Manuka Honey Eye Oil

The eye oil illuminates the under eye area and the the roller ball format helps to soothe the under eyes, reducing puffiness and wrinkles.  

24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil

The face oil is focused towards anti-aging, rich in antioxidants. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your face and makeup can be applied afterwards without any issues – and the tiny gold flecks will give you a glowing base for your foundation!

24K Gold & Manuka Honey Hand Oil

I have never used a hand oil before so it was fun to try out! It doesn’t leave your hands feeling overly greasy, it’s quite a dry oil, so I’m not left completely powerless while it sinks in. Some of the key ingredients include macadamia nut oil, cranberry seed oil and argan oil. It is also great for treating your nails.

24K Gold & Manuka Honey Body Oil

This is a lovely light oil that moisturises your skin with its blend of Moringa, Avocado, and Boabab oils and Manuka Honey of course and it aims to firm the skin; not sure if it firms the skin but it definitely leaves it with a gorgeous glow!

All of these products leave your skin with subtle and beautiful glow. Shake it up to make sure everything is mixed together and have fun! Just looking at the beautiful, glittery bottles makes us feel like we’re getting a treat and we will enjoying using them over the summer.

Buy the 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Oils on Manuka Doctor here